Detroit - Super Bowl city with huge problems

Just read this story in the Toronto Star about the Super Bowl and Detroit. Wow, I haven't been to Detroit in quite some time but it sounds like the downtown, apart from a few things like the new stadiums and some buildings, is going to pot. That's a shame but not much you can do I guess.

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thanks for the link !

Good link Earl.... I bet there are a few more big American Cities that have this problem. (Actually Vancouver has an eyesore of its own..Downtown East Side)

interesting read. ive never been there but I was hearing that detroit's downtown is getting better. guess not as much as i thought.

...just checked the author of the article, dave feschuck writes the beat for the raptors and he is very doom and gloom so it might not be quite as bad as he's describing

The Media is always trying to say something bad is happening in Detroit, mind you, never been there so I don't know the real turth, but I bet Detroit is better than their making it out to be.

I agree KK. Probably just the Godfreians in Toronto all jealous of the Super Bowl in the Motor City rather in Toronto. If you can't beat 'em, then put 'em down I guess.

Dave Feschuk...need I say more? The dude is notoriously negative about EVERYTHING. But a good writer none-the-less. Don't crank on's going through hard times but man, any town that breathes Mo-town is ok in my book.