Congrats to the Lions, who ended an ugly 19 game regular-season losing streak, dating back to the last week of the 2007 season, and included an 0-16 season last year. The team that will be the answer to a trivia question-- the Washington Redskins...

I actually picked Detroit to win this game. I came close to reversing the pick, but decided at the last second not to. Actually, both of my upset picks panned out... Detroit and Cincy won.

The Argos are close to the Lions are think, not as bad yet but well on their way. :lol:

Good win for the Lions though, man they've been brutal.

St. Louis Rams will be next... They're riding a 13-game losing streak right now. Their schedule?

@49ers, Vikings, @Jags, Colts, @Lions, Bye, Saints, Cardinals

If they lose all seven of those games, they'll put together a 20-game losing streak. Pretty nasty... I think they're best chance to end their streak is against either the Lions or the Cardinals.

Tampa can rest easy. I don't think anyone will ever touch their 26-game losing streak. :lol:

ouch that one hurt... really.

But the way my bucs are playing, they might come close to it themselves....however i expect them to Beat Washington this week, Josh Johnson is starting at QB. Watch this kid, he can scramble.