Dethrone Me Already.

i barely go on this site and im still up by 200 posts, cmon pick it up u guys.

Well, in all fairness, I just signed on yesterday. I'm averaging 12 posts per day, not your paltry 11.1!

well on im averaging 46 posts a day

I don't get on TICATS.CA very often during the regular season, when I'm doing the VGCC, and I don't get on CFL.CA very much during the off-season, when I like to hibernate with the homers.

I would like to help but I have a life :lol:

quoted for truthery

I would like to have a life, but... :cry:

You're "barely" on with 11 posts per day?

Try quality over quantity for a change.

before today i adnt been on in like a week, tha was all from week one.

I work for at least 10 hours a day plus 5-8 on Sat. I do the best I can, plus I only learned how to use a computer like 6-7 months ago.

i remember when i was 5…

There's more to do here than in Sask. as well :wink:

well im bettin theres more than one person on here with no life...

its funny though cuz i have 12%of all posts, or is that stat for somewthing else?

No "cause I'm only like 1.4 or something.

And you do post a lot all over.

how come no one has sig’s here?

I dunno mine are set up to work, how about avatar's why don't we have any here?

hopefully the admins are working on it.

Well...until they get me a computer in my Cement Mixer I won't be posting that much this summer, but I'll do my best to pick it up.