Details of another Bomber Stadium Bid

According to the first article you posted dg, the Bombers would own the stadium as well as the retail development on the Polo Park site. Asper wants to own the retail development at the Polo Park site, so actually the Bombers have two revenue streams under the Canad Inns proposal as opposed to only one under the Asper bid.

but asper would also own the the bombers wouldnt need any revenue streams....cuz they'd be a part of aspers great conglomerate of businesses.

-national post and thier whole family of papers.
-global tv and many other regional/specialty channels.
-radio networks
-im sure other things im not thinking of right now.
-now the bombers and a stadium plus retail network.

if they need money, asper would put it in.

aslong as they are close to breaking even every year, asper would be fine with that.

A covered stadium that seats 30-35K is just what the doctored ordered. Get one for Calgary, Ottawa, and Regina while you're at it. This would provide a large visual boost to the CFL and move it into this century. It would also look very very good on television.

winnipeg can't get a fully covered stadium as long as MTS center has the authority to approve or disapprove the construction of one....they dont want competition.

[url=] ... 0297c.html[/url]
A non-competition clause signed by the city and province essentially gives the MTS Centre the power to say yes or no to another indoor sports-and-entertainment complex. As of Monday, Canad Inns had not approached anyone at True North for approval.
as for calgary, regina, ottawa or wherever... would be nice.

But who picks up the operating losses should the stadium lose money? It doesn’t say.

Canad Inns also says the proposed stadium would hold 30,000 seats, which is rather small.

The Bombers already attract 30,000 fans to some home games. Shouldn’t the goal be to attract more? And what about hosting another Grey Cup? There were 45,000 fans at last year’s Grey Cup in Winnipeg. Canad Inns say their proposed stadium could be expanded to 45,000 for a Grey Cup game.

A temporary, 50% seat expansion in a domed stadium? I’d like to see the drawings.

Asper has deep pockets and would be the owner so I dont think the Bombers would be in any financial danger with him at the helm. But, if Asper pulls a Conrad Black, that would be bad. So really these two proposals are the best of both worlds in terms of polar opposites and choice. They can stay public and survive or go private and survive. Knowing both these guys, I would be comfortable with either option. As for the competition clause with MTS, Chipman has already gone public and said that wouldnt be a problem since they wouldnt be in direct competition for the same sort of attractions.

i still feel, its best to go with asper.

same location, which seems to be the popular choice.

if MTS is fine with a domed stadium, then make aspers a dome…can’t be much different from aspers original cost since it was partly covered anyways ( and judging from his pics, the stadium was almost completely covered anyways )

bombers will never again need money, cuz asper is loaded, always will be loaded and loves the bombers for more than business opportunity.

and asper said, worse case scenario the bombers and stadium can go back to being community owned.

so theres a fail-safe emergency back-up plan.

I dont disagree with anything you say dg. But I have to wonder if the Bomber BOD doesnt have a hidden agenda in all of this. To be honest I think they decided long ago, when the first Canad Inns proposal came out, that is the way they were going to be going. I think Asper is just along for the ride and that the BOD was counting on the public wanting to retain public ownership. I also think Asper is fully aware of this. I will be very surprised if Canad Inns doesnt get the nod.

I'd rather be outside watching a game than in a covered stadium. Sure the weather can be bad, but that's usually only one game a year, maybe two on a bad year. I'm a Rider's season ticket holder and I don't know if I speak for everyone but I'm sure I speak for the majority when saying this.

A covered stadium that seats 30-35K is just what the doctored ordered. Get one for Calgary, Ottawa, and Regina while you're at it. This would provide a large visual boost to the CFL and move it into this century. It would also look very very good on television.

So what you're saying is those uncovered stadiums in Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Cleveland, New England etc. are visually crappy and don't look good on television. ok there.

Manitoba Premier doesnt like canad-inn bid:

[url=] ... 1-sun.html[/url]

winnipeg convention centre doesnt like canad-inn bid:

[url=] ... 7-sun.html[/url]

One thing for sure, Winnipeg will have a new stadium so its really a Win/Win situation for the football fans.
Although I would really like a domed stadium, I am still cheering for Asper.
Aspers plan is simply great.

Like I have been saying, the two groups should merge and build a spanking new dome stadium.


Bunch of wimps...

I think I'm still for the Asper proposal. I'm cool with Asper owning the team because he is a Winnipegger and will support the team. The Blue Bombers may make a ton of money, they may not, but they won't lose much money in that stadium. Asper wouldn't mind losing a bit of money here and there on the team, it's a drop in the barrel.

All I know, is that I'll be gettin drunk and cheerin on the Bombers in a new stadium sometime soon!!

Wanting a dome does not make people wimps mking3. A dome is smart here in Winnipeg.
But I would take Aspers plan over Canada Inns.
If Canada Inns was smart, they would have put a proposal for a dome at the PoloPark site.
Their Polo Park site meaning they should build the dome/hotel/convention centre/ect where their current Canada inns hotel is. They have the room their to do it too.

The funny thing is that everyone is forgetting that there is yet another bid that is not out in the open yet.
Plus as papa said in another thread, the governments have not even formally agreed to their share of the money yet.

Go with Asper. Passion like his is not easily found. He'll make it work.

Not Anymore there aint:

[url=] ... 2-sun.html[/url]
The Winnipeg Football Club took another step toward a new stadium yesterday when a subcommittee, led by chairman Ken Hildahl, presented three proposals to the entire board of directors.

Hildahl said the third -- and still unidentified -- proposal was going to be officially dropped from consideration at last night's meeting, leaving David Asper's outdoor proposal in St. James and Leo Ledohowski's domed plan in St. Boniface as the final two.

Personally I would go with Asper's plan. He has proven himself as a fan of the team and has bailed them out in the past. It seems he wants what is best for the team and the city.

Whereas Canad-Inns seems to really only care about the retail value of the facility and how much money they will make with it in use, though not as much emphasis on the team.

For the record as well I do not agree with the dome, just wouldn't have the same feeling and atmosphere as an open air game. Artificial air circulation is no comparison to the real thing, plus as was stated before rain/snow football is entertaining to watch, so unless they want to add an indoor sprinkler system/snow making machine/hundreds of open windows for air then by all means dome it up.