Desriveaux sues Kerry Carter

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It looks like Kerry Carter opened an investing company a few years ago and Desriveaux invested 15,000$ in it... Now, Desriveaux want his money back but Carter does not pay him back...

That's got to be great for team morale
A veteran (allegedly) fleecing a part-timer for 15 Grand!
And a local guy at that
Damn...this team's coming apart at the seams.

I sure hope Calvillo and co can pull off a W today
I'm thinking the fallout from another loss will be pretty ugly.

:oops: :( :oops:

Not too sure how this got out but I have a feeling Desrivaux did , as he has the contacts with the media. I'd cut him immediately. IMMEDIATELY...

will be interesting to see how Trestman/Popp handle this situation.

Desrivaux has every right to go to court if he so wishes but to leak it and put out there that other players also invested is designed to put the heat on Carter. Problem by saying other players are involved feeds the montreal sports beat into digging and they will all come out of the woodworks like coakroaches and go harass every player on the team.

I am really not impressed with this, if you have 15k to invest with a private company (high risk always) be prepared to lose it and take the tax write off.

Kind of explains why both of those players have not been part of "fabric" of the team this year. Basically frozen assets... kind of like Desrivaux's money....

Don’t think Desrivaux has had much contribution to the fabric of the team from the beginning. And agreed, the timing of this stinks.

At least the Canayiens are back in the news, should keep some of the vultures at bay.

Not likely Herb though! But a reporter is going to do what he has to do to please his editor and sell some papers.

The team is going through some adversity on and now off the field, something which is new to them and to us. Weve all gone through some bumps in the road, its how you bounce back. Let`s see how Lalonde, Popp, and Trestman handle it.

I`m still shook up that Anderson is not playing tonight. Going to need some liquid fortification to watch this one!

I'm gonna hit myself 90 minutes of hot yoga tonight before the game, should help me smile through what I think will be an ugly loss...

Half the fallout seems to come from you so that isnt really a guess :stuck_out_tongue:

There was no need to leak this info. Lawyers and courts take months to sort this type of thing- this could have better done when the season ends. Desrivaulx has never contributed to the team and, I wonder, frankly, why the coach kept him all these years. I can’t recall him ever being on special teams- he’s too small for that. Without D, I believe the team would have had to draft a Canadian receiver and, as I have noted before ,the team was in a position in 2010 to draft Cory Watson or Akim Foster- these players are starring in roles with WPeg and BC. I believe there will be some form action by management. As for me, I’m pulling for Carter.

Maybe back to the beer now?
Keep on truckin
And other stuff at the speed you can handle


Actually Desrivaux hasn't even taken Kerry to court, he's sent the dreaded "threatening" legal letter...

i thought so too. glad we were both wrong. and concordia-sherbrooke was a barnburner 33-26. now i can enjoy the weekend after such a tough tough week. :cowboy:

I am very happy to be so wrong... I loved the way Coach Trestman and Milanovich use their personel tonight... what I bitched about last week... not using Carter, going to Deslauriers in key situations... He fixed it all... mixed up the run and pass perfectly... used all of his personel. Carter was a huge contributor tonight. Seven guys caught passes. Loved how they managed the game tonight. we choked at the end of the second quarter with the two and out and the punt return but that isn't on coach. He called one of his best game tonight since he's been in Montreal.

i had 23 posts on esksfans before this game now i'm glad i'm outta there. a lotta tough guys who must be mourning. especially opus. he was kinda my favorite since i'm a big berke breathed fan. still, creepy avatar. :frowning:

Great bunch over there and I’ve seen your posts… you have nothing to worry about… Esk fans know how to win and lose gracefuly.

Well, I sincerely hope these two are able to work out their differences. The Als certainly don't need such a sideshow. This season has been difficult enough without an added distraction like this. I am proud of our boys in the Esk game; they were obviously able to overcome this situation.

Si Desriveaux s'est fait flouer par un coéquipier, il n'est pas plus grave que cela se sache que s'il s'était fait flouer par une autre personne.

Si un gars de l'équipe tente d'escroquer ses coéquipiers, je trouve que c'est bien pire pour l'esprit d'équipe que le fait de celui qui veut se faire rembourser. S'il s'était agi d'un joueur plus important que Desriveaux, l'indignation montrée dans cette tribune aurait-elle été du même côté? Et si c'était Desriveaux qui avait floué Carter, un joueur régulier, aurait-on montré autant de désinvolture envers Carter qui aurait révélé cette situation?

Je trouve étonnant que ce soit Desriveaux qui passe pour le méchant dans cette histoire alors qu'il ne fait simplement que demander à Carter qu'il lui remette son argent. Personnellement, c'est plutôt le comportement de Carter qui me choque. Desriveaux est son coéquipier et il devrait se faire un honneur de lui proposer une façon de le rembourser si en fin de compte, l'investissement ne se révèle pas être ce qu'il devait.

Relativement au jeu de Desriveaux, il est difficile pour un joueur d'accumuler les statistiques lorsqu'on ne le fait pas jouer. On a pesté contre Woldu, à en réclamer son départ et voilà qu'on se plaît à lui trouver de belles qualités. Qu'il se soit mis à jouer semaine après semaine fait qu'il s'est amélioré et peut compétitionner avec ceux contre qui il joue. Si la même chance était donnée à Desriveaux, on découvrirait avec surprise que finalement, il a de bonnes mains et il peut tirer son épingle du jeu, comme c'est arrivé pour Woldu.

Be careful here guys, there is ZERO proof that Kerry has "skrewed" anybody. When you make an investment you don't always make money and sometimes you lose it. Also it is pretty rare that you can make a private investment like this and pull your money a few months after as Desrivaux tried to do. We have zero knowledge of the terms and conditions of this deal.

I find that Desrivaux's little press release is not very convincing myself but I am not prepared to judge either guys in this other than that I find it selfish and cheap to go to the press with this. Everyone is entitled their day in court if they so wish but taking this to the tabloids is damaging to the team.