Despite the loss tonight...against the Als

Buck looked good. Nice NOT to see two and outs. Good drives, many 1st downs....refreshing!

Turn overs killed us and not converting at the end on the 1 yard line with three cracks is worrisome.

If Buck and the boys can only improve on this game without the turnovers we should be looking good in no time

Too many mistakes period, fortunate the game was that close. Too bad, because it takes away from the good efforts of some individuals.

i think this is the turning point for the team, on the downside, i perdict they will not win another game this year.and end up out of the playoffs, or this can be a hit bottom game were they go out and kill hamilton next week.and go undefeted and go 13-5 and win first, but i dought it.

despite tonights outcome! many positives! especially with the QB! offensive line stepped up and gave buck more time even on the blitz! tuff loss but you rarely win with all the mistakes made!

Er, no. The west is to evenly matched.