Despite a 2-6 record....

The Argos have still score 5 more points than they have allowed.

This speaks volumes about the quality of this team and the bad luck they have suffered in close losses.

This Argo team is a Grey Cup contender.

They had a blowout win over Calgary (33 point difference), and another blowout win over Hamilton (25 points). Other then that, they've been consistently outplayed all season.

Due to the East division being so lousy they have a shot once Bishop comes back, simply because they can beat up on Hamilton for an easy playoff spot. But lets not kid ourselves by calling a 2-6 team a contender.

But lets not kid ourselves by calling a 2-6 team a contender.

I believe this to be very true also, Winnipeg and Montreal if they stay healthy enough at key positions are not going to be caught.

I totally agree with Torontoismyhome. You have to admit that the Argos are much better than their record would indicate. They probably deserve to be at least 4-4.

I also believe that Hamilton is better than their record. I agree that they didn't play very well in Montreal, but the previous 4 games to that one, they played very well and should have won at least 3 of them.

Also, I think the West is vastly overrated. B.C. almost lost to Hamilton (The refs gave that one away), Edmonton is horrible, Calgary is inconsistent. The Riders are the only consistent team in the CFL.

It should be an interesting last half of the season.

They may not catch Winnipeg or Montreal during the regular season but neither of those teams will be over confident facing a Toronto team at full strength in the playoffs.
But as you say Earl, IF Montreal and Winnipeg stay healthy. Cavillo or Glenn goes down and those teams would go into a tail spin.

Fans of every team probably believe their team deserves more wins. The best measure is time and the entire season totals all ups and downs. Using that yardstick, the west is overall stronger than the east. Doubtful if Toronto can reach the playoffs if Calgary or Edmonton improve and crossover.

As long as Calgary or Edmonton don't cross over and they MISS the playoffs completely!

I agree that they are a better team than their record but the fact that have scored 5 more points than they have given up is meaningless!

You cam finish 1-17 and score more points than you have given up

I don't don't think fans in B.C., Winnipeg and Saskatchewan feel that they deserve more wins. They are the teams who have won some close games that could have been losses.

Actually, even Edmonton has won a couple of close ones that could have easily been losses.

This is probably why the West appears to be better than the East. Other than Saskatchewan, I think no other team in the West is stronger than Montreal and Winnipeg. In fact, Toronto and Hamilton are comparable to the weaker teams of the West.

Toronto wont even make the playoffs

Toronto's defence has been stellar all season, so if they can get something, anything out of their offence, then they do have a chance to make the play-offs.
And once they make they play-offs, that makes them Grey Cup contenders.
If that is all TIMH is trying to say, then sure...
But don't bet the farm on them winning, or you might need to change your name.....

That would be one for the record books.

The Argos have a very good defence which is on the field about 70% of the time...and a very poor offence, until they get the Bishop back to save their season...

Perhaps the Argo braintrust will finally figure out that just because a player was a high draft pick or played a few games in the NFL, should not automatically make them starters in the CFL. They put a lot of trust in McMahon, Williams and their parade of bad boy receivers, which has backfired in their face. Sometimes it may be better to bring in a college superstar and groom them for the CFL, rather than pick up some other team's castoff.

oh wait, Charles Rogers is available!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I am kind of sick of hearing people say teams are "better than their record indicates". No matter how much talent a team has if they don't have discipline, teamwork, and the ability to finish games strong then they aren't better than their record. They may be talented individually or look good on paper, but as a team if they can't get it done they deserve to be at the bottom. Also, that 5 point difference means absolutely nothing. It certainly doesn't speak volumes. Toronto and Hamilton are at the bottom where they belong.

Wow, you seem to be bitter about something!

I wouldn't feel too confident about your Bombers though. They are lucky to have a winning record and remember, Hamilton's only victory this year was a blow out win against Winnipeg.

As a Bombers fan I have to agree with cflisfun. Even though I love my team and we are currently in first place, I am not that confident yet.

The facts are that we barely beat Toronto last week and were recently blown out by Hamilton. Does that sound like a great team?

I don't think we should be putting down teams like Toronto and Hamilton when in all reality we are not that much better. There are still a lot of games left on the schedule. As we all know anything can happen in the CFL.

According to ro, if TO wins another game, they should qualify for the playoffs! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I agree with Blue to a point… I’ve never liked it when people say things like, “Oh, Toronto only lost that game by a single point. That could have easily been a win. They should be 3-5 instead of 2-6.”

Uh… no!