Desperate writer

Yellow Journalism is defined as...

Journalism that exploits, distorts, or exaggerates the news
to create sensations and attract readers.

No other definition can apply
to today's Hamilton Spectator article

by Ken Peters.

with the incongruous, contradictory title
of "Desperate Home Opener"

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Ken should stick to reporting about football rather than manufacturing news.

and leave the journalism to people who have class.

In an eight team league with relative parity isn't EVERY game a crucial game?

The article IS overblown- unless Peters knows something that the rest of us don't... then he should write about that,

What a useless article.

Crucial games, to me, are ones that if you lose them
you know you are eliminated from the play offs.

Ken IS a little overblown and he heartily enjoys it.

I think the Balsam Aveneue Bengal Bunker is an oxygen deficient locale…for him anyway.

Stick to writing about being an Essex Packers Weiner kid Ken…leave the sports writing to the sports writers.

Peters is right! This is a huge game for the Cats.

If they lose tonight they go on the road to Calgary and Montreal, two of the top teams in the league, and they'll have an excellent chance of coming home 0-4 to play Calgary again. Then it's back on the road to Montreal. Before you know it this could be a repeat of last year and they could be 0-6 if they sleepwalk through these early games.

If this team doesn't show that it's serious tonight the pressure is really going to start rising.

P.S. I've been known to knock the Spec for their Cat coverage in the past but I think they did a pretty good job today. 6 full pages of Cat news and info, a full page colour picture, and that poster/program thing.

I agree with you guys. But part of his job is to stir it up.

Unfortunately, he picks the obvious themes to do it. If it were Steve Milton he'd have found some interesting subplot to write about instead.

For a different take, read Scott Radley's article instead: alternative perspective

While I don't disagree with the fact that a loss to Montreal could make for a bleak outlook with the 'Cats then going on the road for 2 games, I don't think this game should be labelled as desperate.

This team is good enough that you can't assume it will lose those games on the road. At this point in the season, I think any team can beat any other team. All teams look pretty good, so it will be tough for any team to win on the road. I'm expecting a big effort in front of the home crowd tonight, but win or lose, this team will win its share of games, and some games when they are the underdog.

I envy you who have the Spec ever day…I live closer to Toronto. If not for this site, I would never have known the Cats signed Josh Ranek. Think there was a lot of coverage for the Corey Holmes trade? Think again. If not for the CFL sites, I would be wondering, where is Archie Amerson playing now? From what I see, the Spec is not perfect, and it seems that writer likes to refer to the team as the “Balsam Avenue Bengals” for whatever reason, but at least you have more Ticat/CFL coverage.