Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

Monday's game was very disturbing, as everyone is aware. Were they hung over, tired, or just plain uninspired? On the flip side, the Als were about as inspired and agressive as I've seen them all year. I read interviews with some of the Als players, and they were going off how they did it for the Don. It got me thinking. The Riders played some of their best and most inspired ball after Shivers was canned. They too said they did it for Roy, and showed they could beat anyone. But this inspirstion usually only lasts a couple of games before it fizzles out.

So here's my idea. There are 3 regular season games left, and 3 (potential) playoff games. It seems the only sure-fire way to get these guys fired up is to start firing coaches. Now, since there will almost certainly be a complete coaching overhaul next year, firing a coach now will do little to no harm. I mean if we keep things the way they are, I really don't see us going far in the playoffs anyway(not after watching the pathetic display Monday). So if the theorey holds true that the team only stays inspired for 2 games, we fire 3 coaches between now and the Grey Cup. It is a foolproof plan to win the cup, and purge the coaches at the same time.


Good idea!

Just kidding!
You are correct about the affect that a firing can have on a team. But sometimes that plan goes south as well. look at Hamilton. Teams usually do rally to the flag for a game or two, then things begin to fizzle. Now with the Riders, they have to get over that emotional let down and start to win for themselves again, not Roy.
But this team is so manic-depressive, it might be worth a try...

I have a better idea, how about the Riders play to win per the talent on the Roster! Play like they want to win, for themselves, the coach, the GM and the 30K fans who all paid good money to sit in the cold. I mean, I don't work harder because my manager gets fired but because I am expected to work hard for the money I am paid. Last I checked these guys make a lot more money than me to play football and to hell with paying $60 bucks to see them play half as hard as they would if the coach was fired. How about they just play hard for the sake!!!

I know I had my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, Dilbert.
I think Rocky did as well.

But I feel your pain!
anyway, in reality I am a firm believer that midseason firings are useless.
And most times I am proven correct.
Firing Roy midseason was ridiculous.
Good teams, good organizations don't fire good people, and they sure as hell don't fire them midseason!

And firing people "to shake things up", as you say, Dilbert, is a silly notion.



Fans are in a real foul mood...more so than maybe I have seen for a long time....a shakeup is in order

The firing a coach per week thing..I Love it!! But instead of replacing them ....use there cardboard cutouts on the sidelines as constant reminders..

well i wouldnt go as far as firing 1 coach per week :expressionless: IMO DB should make me or us think he dont care what goes on for the rest of the season :thdn: DB has been in this mood since the firing of his buddy Shivers and i dont like it :cowboy: I say 1 firing and thats it!! :wink: Dont get me wrong i like DB, but he is not the same coach anymore since.

the two coaches who are on the hot seat are Danny and Richie Hall. What is it about Montreal that they can dissect our defense game after game? When was the last time our defense actually played them decently? Is Richie not capable to make the necessary half time adjustments to stop Montreal's offense?

Maybe Danny has thrown in the towel, now that a home playoff game is out of the question? maybe this is the time to give Durant and some of the other backups a chance to showcase for Tillman (ie Szarka, Hughes, etc.) and sit the "floaters" who aren't doing their job (fill in the blank).

IF it walks like a lame duck... Quacks like a lame duck.....shoot the gawd damn thing!!!

........... excuse me while I look for my Meds :wink:

Dentor, I agree and I took my meds first...the boys have got to play like it's the Grey Cup for every game all season, shere was that intensity on Monday, Made me cry and I hate to cry.