Desjardins: we must make the playoffs in 2007.

This statement is from the story on the homepage here.
If thats the goal...then some major player changes are on the way for sure!

That's two "in your face" comments from Desjardin this week. " We must make the playoffs in 2007" or else ..."
Shouldn't Gms be seen and not heard?
His claims of players quitting on coaches and now this. :roll:

Nobody else can speak to the future of the team (i.e. no current coach who is not “interim”). It’s all starting with a change in attitude, and he’s the right one to say that.

And GMs say things all the time. Many are just smart enough to pick their moments. This was one of those moments.

Don’t suppose there is a money-back guarantee with Desjardin’s statement, is there? Nah, I didn’t think so.

I’d hate to be a fan of one of the teams whose GM has made it his mandate to not make the playoffs in 2007. And I hope at least one of those teams is in the Eastern Conference.

Im not saying much about his comments regarding players quitting and making the playoffs.......but I was a bit irritated by his comment about 'no more experiments' with Canadian University coaches.

Excuse me? Coach Marshal was a CFL player...and a respected and successful coach in University.

Now, as a GM, what are Mr Desjardin's credentials? He worked in the CFL office and was an assistant GM in Montreal. Im not saying anything against that, and he might be a fine GM.....but Coach Marshall was not wet behind the ears.

Sorry, forgot to come to the point.

Our new GM has only assistant GM'ing experience. Should we regard him as an 'experiment'?

I think his comment was not fair to our last coach.

Lets give Dejardins a break, folks! He's new here and he's shootin from the hip. By this, I mean, he's not afraid to tell what hopefully, is the truth.

Many of the subscribers to this site have been quick to criticize management when they don't say enough, but here, we have a guy whose probably telling it the way it is.
(Notice, I didn't say anything here about saying too much)

Something was radically wrong with the team this year, and Desjardins may have hit the nail on the head in mentioning slackers. He can't publicly name names at this juncture because there are two games remaining. I'm sure, however, that the people in question have been advised to clean up their acts in the next couple of weeks or goodbye.

I'm not about to condem Dejardins because I'm guessing he hasn't done anything wrong.

I suggest we get off his case, for now, and let him do his job.

My point is, did either comment have to be made publicly? If there are slackers on the team, call them for it or release them. Secondly, as mentioned earlier in this thread, what GM is not expecting a playoff position next year. If they are not, they should not be the GM.

If Dejardins feels that he has picked up on the REAL REASON the team stinks, yes, I think he owes it to the fans to tell them what his assessment is and what he plans to do to eliminate the cancer)s) that is part of this team.

If he doesn't come up with some tangibles for the fans to hold on to between now and the issuance of season tickets for 2007, the fans may not renew.
Jim Trimble, Ralph Sazio and many other successful CFL coaches in the past operated the same way. If a player wasn't doing his job, it was made known and in due time, that player was gone.
This is a business where the fans are the shareholders and we need assurances that our investments will eventually pay off.

Alternitively, if we were in mid season, I would agree with your theory of can the guy and get a replacement without saying much at all. Our season, however, is over. The players and the fans know it's over, so Dejardins needs to throw the fans a bone to bring them back in 2007 and that's why he's reassuring us that he has taken a close look at the situation and has a plan.
(My personal theory here, and I don't care if it isn't received well, it's still my personal theory).

I agree with your second theory. The GM's job is to provide winning football or he shouldn't be the GM.

I think Desjardins is trying to shake things up with his comments. Our team needs an attitude adjustment. We need to change the culture of losing (when was our last season over .500?).

By making these comments hopefully he lights a fire under the players and coaches.

In a 8 team league, where 6 make the playoffs and large player movement, it should be automatic that changes top down occur if this level is not reached. A rare few 75% succeed.