Desjardins vs the slackers

It's great to see already that our new GM will not tolerate players who are going through th e motions and just showing up for the pay cheque. His remarks in the Spec today just confirmed what many of us have believed all season that this team lacked discipline. Hopefully, the new coach and his staff along with Desjardins will clean out the cancers in the dressing room and truly restore the roar where younger players respect the veterans and all the players respect their coaches. Bravo, Marcel. :thup:

I agree 100 percent rockster, no 100 percent effort and work ethic, gonzo.

I wonder if one of the "slackers" is #11?

ahhhhhhhh no . Id be totally surprised if he meant Maas . The only thing I can see is if he wants to be closer to home . Otherwise , I think he wants to have success here and prove hes a #1 QB .

I doubt any coach would want to go to a team who doesnt have a proven starter already on board . That would mean certain death to a new coach .

This is the exact attitude Josh Ranek was talking about in reference to Coach Marshall trying to be buddy buddy with everyone.

I like Marcel Desjardins attitude! I can handle losing... if it's obvious that the team is giving everything it has. Someone has to finish in last. I just can't handle it if players are phoning it in.

I also don't think Jason Maas is one of the problems... well... attitude wise.

Makes me wonder which players he was talking about. I'm guessing someone big.

In my opinion Brock Ralph and James Cotton are 2 guys who could and should be gone,whether they are quitters ... I wont go that far but the numbers they put up and the size of thier paychecks would seem to make them expendable...and exactly why was it soooo important to sign Ralph? ....and being Canadian really isn't a good enough reason.