Desjardins versus Medlock??


Too funny

After gettin scorched over Jason Goss ..... Desjardins offers Carl Kidd (and his agent Jason Medlock) a ....

...contract for "Ivor Wynn peanuts"

Kidd fires Medlock

Desjardins is prolly laughin

"Blame it on the media"

kidd fired medlock? when did this happen

Are these some goofy thoughts that popped into your head,
or are these actually some of the pieces of a reported story?

If it's the latter, please provide a link to it,
so we can be in on the joke, thirddown. :smiley:


Maybe I should change my handle?

McMahon Junior?


I think Carl Kidd really did fire his agent, Jason Medlock. 3rd down is obviously joking about the rest though.

No response yet.

I assume the repartee between Desjardin
and Medlock are goofy imaginations, turd.

No probs

Take care

I guess this Medlock/Desjardins stuff .... got buried

Hopefully Kidd will survive the 'screw-up'