Desjardins to introduce WHOLE coaching staff at once?

Is it possible this is the delay in announcing that Taaffe is hired?

Maybe Desjardins and Taaffe are working together to get all assistant coaches on Board before announcing Taaffe's hiring?

I don't get it. What's the hurry? What with all the impatience?

Desjardins is on record a saying he'd like to fill the vacancy by December 15. and even that's not written in stone.

I'm just starting to get a little antsy here because it seems like one of the only available candidates that hasn't been hired already is Danny Barrett. That scares me. :wink:

this is Bs, most college teams hired their head ocaches for 2007 already, many teams get their business done early, the ticats were outta playoff contention since july, they should have had a head coach, assistants, released players long ago, this just shows why hamilton will never be a dynasty.

I don't get it. What's the hurry? What with all the impatience?

Desjardins is on record a saying he'd like to fill the vacancy by December 15. and even that's not written in stone.

Oh, I see Captain Kirk already said that.

the thing is, you have small division 1 schools already hiring their coaching staffs for next season, this is supposed to be a pro sports team, and there are only 8 cfl jobs in canada, so if hamilton hasnt hired a head coach by now it shows me that nobody desires the job and people don’t want to be stuck in a bad situation. Basically the hamiiton ti-cats are turning into arizona cardinals- north.

ticatsackattack makes sense to me.

Not only have they not named a coach, and the coach they want to hire is debating whether he wants to coach in Canada, they also arent signing players either .

It scares me that teams like BC and Montreal are so diligent in signing players for next season especially since they had such good seasons last year they are already a step ahead of other teams for the coming season which is still many months ahead . That is how you stay on top of the game .

 Our player personel guy was on a long road trip that he blogged about being so wonderful  , well, where are the fruits of that labour ??? I dont buy the fact the off season is young . To me there is no OFF SEASON we have to be on top of things YEAR round and IMO we`re not !!!!

that craig smith guy is lazy, what diamonds in the roguh has he found? it aint like hamilton is known for finding blue chip prospects, hamilton always signs eveyrbody elses garbage and puts out garbage on the field, maas is useless and the hamilton scouting dept. should have known that, criag smith blogged for about month, and all he talked about was how nice the practice fields were and how hot the weather was. The ticats didnt clean enough house, not only do they need a new coaching staff, they need specific scouting departments that will look after pro leagues(nfl, nfl europe, arena league), college scouts (ncaa, njcaa, cis, jucos), canadian (cfl), revamp that front office and stop spending time on white helmets and pigskin pete.

How many times does it need to be said - teams have been re-signing their own free agents. Montreal signed a few new players as well, but nobody who is that notable.

We have until February to re-sign any players we want to keep, and then go after anyone else in the league who did not get signed.

And yes, if they want announce the entire staff at once I would be happy to hear it done that way.

But sadly, some will still complain about it.

Ty pex how the hell do you know what players are notable and who arent ?? Seems to me that BC and Montreal do a great job of replacing players they have lost an example being Copeland . So please dont comment on players that either of these teams have signed . All the players they have signed are not thier own free agents and the ones they did resign means that they were players to begin with !!!

But it's been said repeatedly that Desjardins has a loose timeline of December 15. It's no big deal.

...they also arent signing players either .
No one is signing players. I checked the CFL transactions and only 4 teams have signed a total of 9 players since the Grey Cup. Free agents won't be available unitl February and right now teams are only re-signing their own players. We've re-signed Holmes and the fact that others have not been re-signed is not only a good thing, it's consistent with Desjardins comment about players not returning.

I'm not surprised by any of this. We should expect this. it's what we've been told. it makes perfect sense.

It scares me that teams like BC and Montreal are so diligent in signing players for next season especially since they had such good seasons last year they are already a step ahead of other teams for the coming season which is still many months ahead . That is how you stay on top of the game .
Of course if you have very good teams you will make an effort to keep them intact. And as has already been said, if you have a disapppointing season your re-signings should be minimal. Again, no surprises.

I’ve taken the time to compile the signings that have happened since the Grey Cup game. Since you’re apparently already seeing red, the ones who are new players are highlighted in that colour. Aside from Boerigter and Warren, notice how many are known quantities in the pros?

2006-11-20: Calgary Stampeders announce signing of receiver Marc Boerigter.

2006-11-20: Montreal Alouettes announce signings of receiver Ben Cahoon, linebacker Kai Ellis, fullback Mike Vilimek, rush end John Bowman, long snappers Chris Vrantsis and Scott Mennie, receiver Chris Davis, defensive backs Joel Wright and Janssen Patton and offensive lineman Skip Seagraves to new contracts. Receiver Kerry Watkins, guard Scott Flory, kicker/punter Damon Duval, guards Paul Lambert and Paul Archer, tackle Luke Fritz, receivers Dave Stala, Shaun Diner and O’Neil Wilson, defensive end D.D. Acholonu, linebacker Louis Mackey and defensive back Thomas Whitfield sign extensions with Alouettes.

2006-11-22: Edmonton Eskimos announced signing of quarterback Stefan LeFors.

2006-11-22: Toronto Argonauts announce contract extensions for defensive back Khalil Carter, running back Jeff Johnson, defensive end Riall Johnson, offensive lineman Jon Landon and defensive back Kenny Wheaton.

2006-11-27: Edmonton Eskimos announce signing of defensive lineman Rob Brown and extension for defensive lineman Adam Braidwood.

2006-11-28: Winnipeg Blue Bombers announce that defensive tackle Doug Brown and offensive lineman Obby Khan have re-signed with the club.

2006-11-29: Edmonton Eskimos announce that linebacker A.J. Gass has re-signed with the club for two years plus an option.

2006-11-30: Edmonton Eskimos announce that the club has re-signed non-import running back Mike Bradley for three years plus an option. The Eskimos also announced they have signed free agent import running back Antonio Warren.

2006-11-30: Saskatchewan Roughriders announce re-signings of wide receiver Andy Fantuz and kicker Luca Congi to two-year plus an option contracts.

2006-12-01: Toronto Argonauts announce that non-import safety Chris Hardy has re-signed with the club through 2009. Argonauts also announce that wide receiver Christian Heffernan has re-signed through the 2008 season.

2006-12-04: Saskatchewan Roughriders announce that the club has re-signed import quarterbacks Marcus Crandell and Rocky Butler to one-year plus an option contracts.

2006-12-05: Edmonton Eskimos announce that the club has re-signed slotback Mookie Mitchell. The Eskimos also announce the signing of wide receiver Fred Stamps.

2006-12-05: Saskatchewan Roughriders announce that the team has re-signed linebackers Kitwana Jones and Maurice Lloyd to new multi-year contracts.

2006-12-06: B.C. Lions announce that import defensive back Ryan Phillips and import linebacker Jamall Johnson have signed contract extensions with the team. The Lions also announce that UBC running back Chris Ciezki has signed a contract with the club.

2006-12-07: Winnipeg Blue Bombers announce that wide receiver Derick Armstrong has signed a contract extension with the club.

2006-12-07: Edmonton Eskimos announce that non-import fullbacks Mike Maurer and Deitan Dubuc have both re-signed for two years plus an option with the club.

2006-12-07: B.C. Lions announce the club has re-signed import defensive linemen Tyrone Williams. Lions also announce that linebacker Javier Glatt has signed a contract extension.

2006-12-08: Montreal Alouettes announce that running back Andrew Hamilton, punter Mike Renaud and receiver Wayne Desmond have all signed contracts with the club.

2006-12-08: Saskatchewan Roughriders announce the club has re-signed defensive end Luc Mullinder and defensive back Scott Gordon to new two-year plus an option contracts.

also, everybody here is stupid, you think its a good thing for the team to announce the hiring of assistants all at once? well thats a stupid idea considering most teams have hired their assistant/coordinators already, even the argos have hired their staff. People need to wake up here and stop being public apologists for that bald dude with the yellow hat.

You're kidding, right?

Did any team garner as much attention as Hamilton did with last year's signings and trades?

Sure, hindsight tells us it didn't work but most everyone, media included, expected big things as a result of Craig Smith's and Katz' efforts.

BTW, calling people lazy and stupid isn't really an effective way of convincing people of anything other than you like to call people names.

the ticats need to get established veteran scouts and football operations staff. Also install the west coast offence similar to Bill Walsh. Also they need to use 46 buddy ryan defense, I would also like to see more responsiblity, integrity, accountability, and consistency throughout the organization.

I think that says it all. One proven football mind, stuck with one well-intentioned neophyte, appointed by a recklessly hands-on owner. A recipe for disaster in anybody's books.

As an analogy, if Gretzky's linemates were Peter Pocklington and Nelson Skalbania, he woulda looked lazy and stupid too.

Hindsight is great, isn't it?

In whose book was this was a recipe for disaster during all the moves in last year's off season?

There was a buzz and excitement regarding the moves of Katz and Smith from fans and media alike.

You hire a coach who earns coach of the year honours by turning a 1-17 team he inherited, to a winning 9-8-1 team.

All indications were for positive development.

When that didn't happen in 2005, they brought in lots a veteran help in coaching and players. Again, stuff happened and it failed, but there's no denying that, yet again, media and fans alike were excited by those moves during that time.

I wonder how many of the hindisght critics were on board for those moves as they happened? My guess would be quite a few, but I could be wrong.

What's the hurry?
O.K. - Austin is gone, Chapdelaine is gone, now Baratto is gone too.
So, where are you going to get CFL experienced coaches ( assistants, etc.) if they are already signed by other teams.
I think we are making a BIG mistake waiting; now there is nonone left but Barret, Lancaster Jr, & Strasser, who nobody wants anyways (so why should the Ticats?).
This is gong to end up biting our ass - mark my words.

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