Desjardins say's we are set at QB,just add a college rookie

With MAAS's poor performance last year,and Butler's
under 50% passing average, and williams still not
showing he's ready for #1 postion. Plus adding a
college rookie to complete the picture does not
give me a good feeling to start the season.
We need to go after a NFL roster player, say third or fourth on the QB depth chart.
What do you think?????

last time i checked the stats butler went 58% completion percentage, and his QB rating (courtesy of 5TDs and 1INT) was about 98.something for last year....

where was this below 50% thing you're talking about?

Did Marcel actually say that we are set at QB, and he will only be adding a college QB?

I'm not really worried about the QB position... it's not like we could do much worse than last year...

Well, we've definitely improved at the coaching positions, so that will give a team-wide improvement.

In a Steve Milton column Desjardins mentioned
there is nothing stopping the Cats from still grabbing one of
the other available pivots, Spurgeon Wynn or Brad Banks.

Spurgeon Wynn? Didn’t he choke with the Argos?

Brad Banks with a ~37 QB rating. Hmmm.

I guess that Milton is right, there is nothing stopping us from grabbing one of those guys, but I don’t think that would be in our best interest. The three QB that we have are probably the best of what we can get from the CFL.

Given that the Caretaker admitted that some of the Ti-Cat staff are in the US school system looking at prospects, I’d take a wait and see approach as to what we have.

I don’t think that we have a superstar at that position, and we’ll have to develop one.

In fairness to Banks, he was often brought in last year when games were out of hand to throw hail marys and other low percentage passes. Before that he played in Ottawa - awful hard to win with a team that was disbanded. I thought he got better last year.

He would bring another element as a qb on the roster with wheels.

I wonder what Spergon Wynn could do as a WR...we all know he can hold onto the ball.

Is Reggie Ball 5'11 195 out of Georgia Tech the college QB Desjardins is talking about. The NFL has him listed as a WR. The Ticats might have a chance if he wants to play QB.

No! no! and hell no!! Nobody in their right mind could want TERRIBLE qb and locker room cancer in black this year!!

The trade for Butler was insane, but bringing Ball in would make it hard to be a Ticat fan. Everybody has their limits.

What was said above is correct. Butler is the best
over the free agent QB's so count them out,the GM
has. The fourth QB in camp will be left to the
scouting staff-- a college rookie .

Butler played in two games in 2004 with less than
50% passing average and the two games he played
against us he had less than 50% passing average
but still win the game.
I still beleave the CATS have to find a proven
QB off a NFL roster.


Butler's career average is over 50% and last year he was over 50%, so your wrong.

Also, how do you plan on getting a proven NFL QB??? Im assuming if he is proven in the NFL he is somewhere in the NFL.

Techically you are right, but going into
a game throwing two passes and not returning are counted on the stat's.He only played a few games completely and
in those games he did less than 50%.

also you can scout X-NFLers who were cut
or NFL players who are tired of riding the
bench. The cats are only scouting college

If we do grab Reggie Ball it would be worth the time and effort to check him out at both positions I’ve seen him play this past season the kid is fast and he can throw the ball unless it was Calvin Johnson making him look good but we will see. I think he is worth the look.

I believe in Craig Smith's blogs over the past year he was mentioned going to NFL pre season games and I know in this last blog he said he made it to a NFL game recently

After 10,000 kilometers, nine states, two National Championship games, two Bowl games, one NFL game, a football convention, and four College All-Star games, we are back home in Hamilton. It is nice to be home. Travel is a necessity in our business and I am fortunate to have my wife Cathy travel with me.

Ryan Leaf anyone???

Only kidding

The effort at scouting QB's with NFL experenice

is extremely weak by the CATS and there is

plenty of NFL players who would like to get back

in action, it just takes a good scout to find them.

(i.e. like BC LIONS have)

spergeon wynn hadn't played football in, like, 2 years b4 last season...and we all know the argos o-line was terrible.

i think, if spergeon wynn got a little more time, he'd be a pretty good QB.

i think he was just rusty last season, thus slow on reads ( combined with bad o-line ) and getting sacked alot.

actually wynn was number two in british columbia, until casey printers overtook him in his second year there, knocking him down to third string, then he spent a season in winnipeg (where he was fourth string — he didn't take a snap!).
so that meant his sojourn in toronto last year was his fourth in the cfl.
he sure did light it up against us though, but everyone did.

I'd prefer Maas and Butler over that. It's obvious to me that Desjardins sees something in Butler that says to me that he may be a diamond in the rough.

If that turns out to be the case, then Desjardins will have proved his worth.

I'm eager to see how the Butler saga will play out in Hamilton. We'll have to wait and see.

Didn't we have an NFL'er ?
.....I believe his name was Eakin?
Course, no one was happy with him either so I guess real question is maybe the fans have a problem rather than the Ticats!