Desjardins out as GM in Ottawa

After failing to secure any reasonable amount of talent for the Redblacks this year the organization has released Marcel.
Déjà vu after he dropped the ball previously here in Hamilton.

The Redblacks lack of competitiveness rests squarely on his shoulders. The coaching staff in Ottawa has not been the issue.

No surprise with this move.

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He had a good 8 year run in Ottawa; 3 Grey cup appearances- One very unexpected victory against the power house Stamps.
Had a couple of bad years after not signing Harris.

All an all he did better than probably 7 of the other CFL franchises- if Grey Cups matter - and that on an EXPANSION franchise.

But yes, it was overdue for a all of the positives built in Ottawa were quickly dissipating...the team has not been near competitive last couple of seasons.

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Played for him, competed against him, and tried to work for him once. Told me I wouldn’t fit their culture. A former CFL player and coach who also is fluent in French? Looks like he was wrong for the culture…of winning. :muscle:t5::v:t5:


It presents quite a quandary to us Tiger-Cat fans, who were certain he was incompetent after his time here. Then he goes off and has that 4-year run of success in Ottawa.

Was he actually good and we just didn't know it? Does he somehow alternate between really good and really bad on some kind of five-year cycle? Or (my pet theory, totally unsubstantiated) did he just cheat on the salary cap to rent a winning team that could not be sustained?

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I remember when he was here he tired to close practices to Fans
He was the most abrasive person I've ever met
but He did get Ottawa a grey cup something Hamilton still has not had since 99


Desjardins to me always looked like the kind of GM who was trying to save the organization money rather than maintaining any success or continuity. He would allow players like Harris and Ellingson to leave in Free Agency and then not bother signing a comparable replacement.

That starts a chain reaction whereby other quality players such as Sinopoli would rather leave or retire instead of playing for an organization that's not commited to winning.

I think he just got in the right situation in Ottawa - and we did gift him a HOF QB in Burris to start the franchise....( bless our hearts ...what we will do for the greater good of the league...even if we have to suffer a longer GC!)


I wonder where he'll end up next ? My first thought was a quote from Ross on FRIENDS - " Pivot ! Pivot !" Perhaps back to Montreal in a lesser position .

Pat Lynch ( a tough way to find job security , unless of course you're with the Steelers)

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A few weeks ago, I made a post asking everyone who thought would get fired first - LaPo or Desjardins.
I finally got my answer.

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This is the guy that left Hamilton and said the situation here was worse than he was led to believe.
Must be a nice place in his world.

It would be interesting to know how he's regarded around the league. Too bad that would only happen off the record.

I'm betting he's about as well-regarded as he is by Hamilton fans

He hung off Jim Popp's apron strings in MTL, came here and wrecked the team instead of improving it, ran back crying to Popp's apron strings, bamboozles OSEG, buys a team with little player development throughout his tenure, and finally his boss saw through his facade.
This article describes OSEG's "hands-off" approach that seems more of an "eyes-off" approach: Goudie: firing Desjardins was a ‘tough decision’ but record was ‘not good enough’ | 3DownNation


I hear this Dezjardines guy got let go in Ottawa. Do you think the 'Cats should pick him up?


Actually Desjardins doesn't speak French, might have a French name but doesn't speak it, he grew up in Burlington

Only if he brings Rocky Butler with him .


I think the poster was referring to themselves


FWIW Desjardins does speak French.

Born and raised in Burlington, Ontario, Desjardins is fluently bilingual and attended French language schoolsÉcole St. Philippe in Burlington and École secondaire Georges P. Vanier in Hamilton. He and his wife, Michelle, have been married since 1996 and reside in Ottawa year round.

And I wonder if this is something Jim Popp would apply for. He worked with both Snyder & Edme in Montreal.


I'm sure Jim Popp would apply for and would be, at the very least, interviewed. I think he may very well do a good job there too after what he's been through.
He would not be paid what he has been used to as a CFL GM though.

Chris Jones will be all over this too I suspect.


I would make Jones provide a "security deposit" of sorts, whereby 50% of his pay from each season is held in trust and only release 2 or 3 years later if he actually honours his contract. Which we know with 100% certainty he would not.