Desjardins on the 5th quarter

Marcel must wonder what he's got into from the rough ride he's received from some of the callers.
Doesn't sound like Don Mathews is on his coaches wish list.
Desjardins does sound like he knows what he's talking about.

Didn't sound like Maas was going to be the QB either.

The GM mentioned that we would be looking for a QB with CFL experience including guys South of the border.
Garcia, Printers???

maas is out a job then, cuz i dont think, in an 8 team league, any team would want him for the money hes making....especially with the hard cap in effect next season.

Printers will be hard to get..not only is he on the NFL Practice roster, but Lions still got his CFL rights.

As per Garcia, I dont know what the situation is although I think he was just traded to a new I dont know if he'd be any better than Maas

Printers will be hard to get..not only is he on the NFL Practice roster, but Lions still got his CFL rights.
yes but only for another month.

From what the club showed me today, the inconsistency at quarterback could make all three of these turkeys expendable.
I'd like to see an all out effort to solidify this position with decent backups as soon as possible.

O ic...well another possibility may be Jesse Palmer. Now I've never seen him play and I think the Al's want to groom him 2 be Calvillos replacement one day but he may fit in pretty nicely from what I've been hearing

I couldn't believe that Desjardin thought the Cats played well today,saying that they gave full effort.In my estimation today's game showed that the team needs much help in most areas-They can't catch,block or tackle.I don't think that they were any weaker having substitute QB's.Their passing wasn't great but still superior to that of Maas'They also had absolutely no support from from the Oline.The qbs had no time to hand off let alone have time to pass.Considering the duress (and rust from inactivity) these two had to overcome they didn't play badly.

I actually feel sorry for Desjardins having to listen to the number of fools who called in. He must be sitting there saying, well It’s obvious this towns “fans” know everything from what they told me so I should probably recruit some no name armchair QB for the team…nope, that wouldn’t even make 'em happy. What an embarassment / low class, some fans in Hamilton are.


Yeah, I didn't hear the show today, but I've listened to it enough times to realize that it doesn't take that high of an IQ to program CHML's phone number into your speed-dial.