Desjardins on fan 590

Desjardins will be interviewed on the fan between 2 and 3 pm today, if interested in listening.

what was with all the extra curricular comments made about the Cats "organization" by this dufus??

You mean the ones where it was said that it'll take Desjardins five years to turn the team around? Well, it was from a Toronto-based radio station and so I can't take that too seriously.

Swirsky is the biggest idiot in radio, he has single handedly made me stop listening to the fan590. My car radio was always on the Fan590 until he came on the afternoon show, I didn't like him so I started turning the station and now I just don't listen anymore. I can't stand the guy.

Dang, I missed it.

Did he have anything interesting to say?

He mentioned that he was first contacted about being the Ticats general manager a few weeks ago, and that he took the position once he was offered it. He mentioned that there was much work that needed to be done and he came across as being knowledgeable and experienced. It sounds to me like he may be the right one to have in place.

Bob Young says the search for a GM to replace Katz was a lengthy process … Desjardins said the club contacted him in mid-August.

Can you say contradiction?

Not certain how to process this announcement :?

What Bob Young and Marcel Desjardins said seemed to be contradictory. You can click here for an article in which Bob says it was a lengthy process. Perhaps the process had been going on for a while, and when Desjardins was contacted, they knew they found who they wanted. That's what might have happened.