Desjardins on CH News @ 6

Ken Welch indicates that Marcel is ready to "intensify" his search and hopes to have a new Head Coach in place by Christmas.

I really hope he has "his man" and just needs to make the announcement.

He mentioned the criteria necessary, again, for the
chosen candidate. CFL experience, a winner, blah, blah, blah.

Reviewing criteria now after the man has been on the job since September scares me.

Make it happen. Montreal and B.C. are already making plans for 2007 in an effort to repeat their successful 2006 seasons.

What's the hurry?

Maybe he's waiting for certain contracts to expire so that he may talk without fear of tampering.

How,s about a short list of candidates by christmas, and do the pressconferance on superbowl sunday :thup:

[sarcasm] How about he call everyone one of us first and ask us what we think before making his decision. [/sarcasm]

He'll make his decision based on what he thinks, and make the announcement when it suits him. Why is that so hard to accept for some people? It's what GMs do.

At 11 pm Ken Welch mentioned Charlie Taafe as the front runner, and others are Danny Barrett, Dave Ritchie and the other Greg Marshall.

...or maybe he is having a tough time getting somebody to take a chance with their career by signing in Hamilton.