Desjardins on 590 with Hogan at 11:05 this morning

I'm afraid that I got a bit 'testy' in an e-mail exchange with Hogie last Friday over the fact that there was no real mention of the pre-season game. (It was limited to Pete Martin saying, "I don't know, I didn't see it," after he was asked about the QB situation.

Mike sent me an e-mail this morning about the upcoming interview.

I like the guy. I'm a nobody fan of Hamilton's but he takes the time to reply. If only he didn't like the Argos...

Thanks for the heads up Mark.

I'll be listening.

Mike Hogan is one of the good guys. He may not always agree with you but he's always respectful of your point of view. And as you say, he's courteous enough to repy to you.

Besides that, he's a big CFL booster and that's enough for me.

An Argo-Cat fan

He is a great guy for an Argo Fan LOL
Just Kidding Mike your Credit to the Liberal Sports Media In Toronto
one of the good Guys

I only got tail end of Intervew with Marcel.
anyone can they Recap it please.

-stressed team discipline
-impressed by rookies' attitude.
-impressed by Reid and Gagne-Marcoux
-estimated Maas at 90-95% healthy but promised nothing.
-said Maas had a "host" of injuries last year-duh.
-Butler isnt locked in anywhere just because they gave up so much in the trade.

Thanks for Recap Zontar ..

Thanks Z. I'm glad he feels that way about Butler. I don't want ANYONE kept around because we traded the farm to get them. If they're not getting the job done, they need to leave. I hope Maas can get to 100% healthy, but if he can't he's gotta go.

Doubt if he'll ever be 100% but who is at his stage of career? Dave Dickenson certainly isnt and BC just resigned him.
All depends on his effectiveness to move the ball. Give him a chance to learn the system and new recievers then everyone can start worrying about who's next.

Well, maybe not 100% healthy, but he's gotta be MUCH better than last year. I'm more than willing to give him a chance, but if he starts throwing more interceptions than touchdowns again, there's the door. At any rate, I'm confident in Taaffe's ability to make the right decision, so I'm taking a "wait and see" attitude on this one.

Dave Dickenson will never be 100% again after all the concussions he's suffered. Ask Matt Dunigan on that point.

Dave and Matt's 80% would beat 95% of the quarterbacks who have ever played in this league 95% of the time.

Bernie Faloney was "never the same" after blowing out his knee in 1960. All the diminished Bernie did upon his return was scramble 15% slower, compete 100% harder, and win.

It's what you do with what brings you. I saw Bobby Orr on one knee dominate the 1976 Canada Cup against the best in the world. Courage, perseverance, serendipity...I'll always take that to heart in discussions like these.

Oski Wee Wee,

Russ has brought his A game today folks. :smiley: :thup:

It's like Coach Taffee said at the kick off bash. Jason's over exuberance can be his own worst enemy. If he can stay composed and in control he can dominate. Jason's a very intense individual and if you can harness that energy you have something special.

I think the system Charlie is putting into place really suits Jason's abilities well.

Of course we will see what happens

Jason has a lot to prove and Timmy has a lot to learn. We will see who is doing the best job soon enough.

it really was a great interview, learned lots.