Desjardin's Core Players for 2007

Sean Fitz-Gerald quoting Marcel Desjardin
in the National Post on Sept. 16 2006

'Desjardins has identified a core group of players
he would like to retain for next year,

and has a long list of those
who probably won't return.

He counted quarterback Jason Maas among those
who will be at the centre of next year's team,

along with recently signed running back Jesse Lumsden.

Receivers Brock Ralph and D.J. Flick will be welcome to return,

as will defensive back Tay Cody
and defensive lineman Clinton Wayne.

Slotback Mike Morreale, now in his 12th CFL
season, might also remain in the picture.'

Now that Corey Holmes has been signed

does anyone have a strong argument
for some other players?

I knew he could recognize talent, and go-to guys.

How does "cuz I like him" work as a strong argument?? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I'd say Tad Korneguay is coming along quite nicely and has made a big impact on Special teams. Ray Mariuz is a beat on special teams as well.

We need some upgrades in the defensive secondary for sure, but Lawrence Gordon impressed the hell out of me.

I think you have to have guys like Morreale and Hitch on this team for the leadership they bring to the team alone.

PS. Speaking of Clinton Wayne...We SOOOO won the Belli trade.

Other definite keepers...
Armour - played well, a little hot sometimes but that's a good thing if controlled
Mariuz - ST and D
Gauthier - was a great addition, like his effort
Woodard, Filice, Hudson - core of the 2007 O-line right there
Fleming - unless we find a dual-role kicker, he's improved vastly

I could see us trading...
Ranek - redundant
Radlein - hate to say it, but he hasn't been the same since his injury; do we want someone with better hands back there?
Smith - again hate to say it, but he's expendable for the right price
Shaw - not impressed with him and would prefer we use a 'traditional' safety instead

Damn this site and its short timeout (and the fact I have to nav back to the topic after logging on!)

I love the Non-Imports to build around:

Wayne Smith and George Hudson are a huge piece of the core
Auggie never hurts you
Pat Flemming has been great
Hitch, MM, Ralph, Lumsden

Imports that must stay
Cody, Holmes, Maas, Armour, Gordon, Woodard

Players I need to watch a little more but want them back:
Gauthier, Anthony Davis, David Dixon, Hill, Mariuz, Hage, Donnelly

The Canadian talent on the 0-line, Gordon for sure, Mariuz is the best special teams player we've seen in years(yes Hitch is good but Mariuz in amazing),I like Radelin, Auggie, Shaw has had a great season, I've been very impressed with Collier. We have lots to build on. Solidifying the o-line, keeping Jason on track, those will be the keys.

whenever theres a candian who can catch ou gotta keep em, peterson has bonded well with maas and its only getting stronger, the facthes canadian sure doesn hurt, kamau comes back in 07


Could you supply us with a link to the story or give us the full list of who he thinks will stay and who will go? Tks

Ticat fans shouldn't forget they have three top notch Canadian linemen coming out of Div. I in the NCAA for next year.
Peter Dyakowski 6'05 295 Right OT at Louisianna State. (saw him play Auburn last week, looks like a good pass blocker)
Jermaine Reed 6'04 275 DE at Akron
Cedric Gagne-Marcoux 6'02 280 OC at Central Florida
All our starters and all stars in their conferences.
Their other future draft pick Mike Roberts 5'11 185 CB at Ohio State is listed 3rd on the depth chart but OS is always deep in talent so he still could be a good talent except he will be short of playing experience.
They'll probably bring Chris Sutherland back from Saskatchewan for another shot at the O Line, plus having the first pick in this years draft there will be no shortage of good young Candian talent next year.
Something for the Ticat fans to look forward to.

No guarantee we'll sign them, but you do have a valid point, DoubleBlue

I tend to think of 2006 as the year when things didn't come together for the Cats---obviously. However, on paper, I still think it looks like a solid team with a bright future except for a few exceptions. IMO, Ralph is still living on his reputation as a Canuck who had a cup of coffee with an NFL team--but so what? He has done zip up here and he's had his chances to step up. I'd keep Vaughan and Flick. Holmes is still an all-star calibre player and a real good signing by Desjardins. Boreham will cost you games down the road as he did earlier this year (when things were still on the line). Bring back Myers if he's healthy. You can improve on Radlein--he had a few decent years here but given his role with the Cats there are younger, cheaper guys who can do what he does and more. Hitch has been great but he isn't anymore. Time for new blood in the middle. You need more QB depth. If Maas goes down, your season is toast. RB is very strong even if you trade/cut Ranek. Peterson is ok but he'll never be the go-to guy. He drops too many. If he wasn't Canadian, he'd be easy to improve on. The 2ndary is good but not good enough given the team's average LBs. Improve the LBs right across the board and this 2ndary will get it done. They're all relatively young with potential--they just need time. The current O-line is decent; much better than what you started the season with. The jury is still out on the D-line for me.

I think the entire coaching staff can be improved upon.

You're lucky. The Cats are still a young team. Most of your key guys are still in their prime or approaching it. Morreale, Hitch and Vaughan are older guys but the former two can still produce. The majority of the guys, especially in the key positions are young with upside.

As for the Argos........

An Argo fan

Core: Maas, Holmes, Lumsden, Flick, Smith, Hudson, Woodard, Cody, Wayne, Mariuz, Gordon (if he keeps it up for the rest of the season).

Depth (good ST and/or backups but could be cut if someone as good or better comes along at a cheaper price): Donely, Filice, Dunbrack, Cox...

The last couple of years the Cats have loaded up on Offensive lineman I hope if there is some quality talent at the receiver and defensive back positions in the 2007 draft. After watching the Riders/Lions game I really wish the Cats could have somehow got Fantuz cause the guy's going to be a money receiver for years to come. Have the Tiger Cats ever had a dominant Canadian receiver since Rocky retired?

Gotta agree with the Boy in Blue…the Cats need an upgrade in the entire linebacking corp.

Correction: Vaughan and Morreale are two older Cats who can still do the job. Unfortunately, Hitch is past it.

An Argo fan

Like I've stated before, Vaughan is thirty four but plays like he's twenty four. If our offence was having a good year Vaughan would certainly be tearing it up out there. Don't let his age fool you. He'd be a great player to have around for next year's Cup run.
Kornegay, Mariuz, Young, Cody, Armour, Wayne, Collier have all been solid additions on the D.
On the offence we have tremendous potential on the O line. I think the key is for the new head coach is to keep Salavantis working with the O line.
Also I would not trade Ranek. With injuries he has certainly struggled but lets also remember there was a time on this forum people wanted to run Holmes out of town. Ranek never had the opportunity to run behind the revamped O line. With Holmes, Lumsden, and Ranek we'd have three bigtime threats available in the backfield.
As far as the recievers go, we need Hill coming back to his previous form.....he has the potential to be outstanding in this league. Flick, Vaughan and Ralph will also have much better years. We do need a another big go to reciever.
Maas needs solid competition for the QB job. In this league you definity need a quality backup

Rob Hitchcock and MIke Morreale are not ready for retirement yet they are awesome when they get to play. Tay Cody is a definate he gives his all. I really think Sandy Beveridge is a great safety and he should get the start. Matt Robichaud, Ray Marriuz and Folwkes should definately stay. I think Richie Williams should be given the shot of starting quarterback for at least one of the next 2 games left to see what he has, for all we know he could of got us to the grey cup but no one gave him enough playing time to see what he has. Anyone who has heart and wants to play for Hamilton should stay but the guys that really don't want to be here pack your bags and be gone.

That is just my opinion and can't wait to see what happens next year!!!

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Cheatwood and Cotton yet, they're both hustle players with loads of talent. They are keepers for sure.

I don't know why people want to get rid of Radlein. The guy barely gets to play and he's lucky if he gets 2 touches a game. I think he's a great fullback and we should keep him.

I totally agree with the need to upgrade the linebackers. Auggie is not a starting middle linebacker. (Why did we cut Brooks?) We need another Calvin Tiggle type, an absolutely DOMINANT middle linebacker.

Wayne Shaw gets a lot of flack for not being a big hitter, but you see a lot of smaller faster safeties these days so I don't see what the big problem is. Now we have Sandy Beveridge who seems to be a fan favourite for some reason, but he's been here about 4 years now and he's never won the starting job. If he weren't Canadian I don't think he'd be on the team.

I think our linebackers arent that bad all around. Keep Armour and Mariuz outside. Look around for a better MLB. As for Core players :
Cotten, Cheatwood, Woodard, Ranek, Radlien, Flick, Ralph, Smith, Cody, Shaw, Fleming, Cox.

Re: Mike Roberts - he transferred to Indiana State this fall where he is playing regularly on a (to-date) 0-6 team. 28 tackles and 4 pass b/ups to date.

I say trade Maas and Holmes to Saskatchewan for Kerry Joseph. I would love to see Joseph, Ranek and Lumsden in the backfield.