Desjardins back to Montreal

Surprised no one has noticed this yet. Montreal has announced Marcel will be going back as Popp's assistant.
He's needs a little more training. :smiley:

He will be safe there.

Popp will never give him decision-making power on players.

Glad he got his old job back .
He a better paper pusher then a GM.

We got a GM now GL Obie

Best of luck to Marcel. He took the high road in all this and didn't slam anybody through the media unlike the Prez Mitchell. Time will tell folks...

Marcel is HOME, in comfortable SURROUNDS where the ORGANIZATION is a little more FORWARD thinking, and PROGRESSIVE in nature.

Let's FACE it - Hamilton LACKS any SOPHISTICATION and, GENERALLY, NEEDS OLD HACKS (like O'Billovich) with LONG Resume's to be CONVINCED of a person's MERIT.

Desjardins was a SQUARE Peg in a Round Hole here ... DESPITE what MANY on this forum THINK, or BELIEVE ... Marcel has LAID a SOLID Foundation on which to build upon.


Eric Tillman will forever be indebted to Marcel.

I couldnt agree with you more Mean !!! Dejardins knows the CFL and Popp knows he`s a good football man or he wouldnt of hired him in the first place .

We`ll see the young players get better next season and people will see that he drafted well. Our O line and D line and that combined with less injuries to our offensive stars will make us a solid team in 08 . Only then will people see that Dejardins made alot of good decisons and letting players like Smith and Flick go was not the detriment that people on here would have you believe !!!

Thats like saying Shivers is the reason Sask won the Grey Cup... I can see it now, we win the Cup in 2011 and habman's on here saying "See?? we didnt need those 2"

Desjardins said he was forced into some tough decisions because he inherited big contracts that needed to be cut to fit the cap.

"The situation there was pretty bad," he said. "It was worse than they made it out to be prior to taking the job."

He said he built for the future by bringing young players into the team and that all his moves were "in the best interests of the club in the long term".

"I believe that club is better now than when I took over."

Need we say was dysfunctional from the get go. Watch your back Obie! Sorry to hear about Mike and Craig...two great football men. Who's next on the firing line? Rick Zamperin?

AGAIN, all this talk about a #2 WR that was STATISTICALLY rated #10 in the League !!??


For the RECORD, and the LAST TIME ... can we ALL just ACCEPT that DJ Flick and Smith were NOT in Desjardins' GRAND SCHEME ... PERIOD. It is NOT to say that Flick and Smith were/are not DECENT PLAYERS ... they were just NOT WANTED by the man in charge of making those DECISIONS ...

They were good players, and good citizens - YES - but for the LOVE of PigSkin Pete - they were HARDLY the CORNERSTONES of the Grey Cup Champions. Good Fr-Eakin Grief !!


whos next? hopefully it mr. farr

Dejardins was in way over his head.
He under-estimated BIGTIME how important a #1 receiver is.
His quote about "check back with me half way through the season and we will see if our receivers are still not household names"...or something to that effect.
Well yes, our receivers that he was talking about flopped.
It is hard to have a successful offence without a go-to receiver.
The only 3 places where the Cats were solid were at RB, LB, and kicker.
Congratulations on landing Setta, Moreno, and Caulley.
Thinking of going all Canadian on the D-Line was a dumb ploy.
Our secondary needs a complete overhaul.
D-Line and O-Line needs a big upgrade.
Receivers stunk
Our old GM gets a big fat "D" in my books, and a one way ticket back to being a paper pusher.
He may be better if given a shot in the future of being the boss, but he was not ready to lead the Cats last year.
That is why Mitchell took no chances and hired a guy with an extensive resume of success!

You can't rebuild a franchise that is dead last in the league in one season. Obie won't do it either.

Had Desjardins not lightened the load there would be no Casey Printers in hamilton.

The draft board for this spring is pretty much black and gold...

Taafe chose his assistants...Oneil LOL!

Interesting how Mitchell slams Desjardins but yet he kept the Coach, The QB , The draft Picks

I respect BY's decision to make a change at GM. He owns the team and its his right. But to hand the job of rebuilding a franchise to a 67 year old shows this was not planned out properly and shows no vision of any kind by the team president. Slamming Desjardins was also unnecessary.

The problem in Hamilton is instability and interference in football operations. A 67 year old GM will not cure this. It is a bandaid on a stump.

Young and Mitchell have boxed themselves in because another losing season and they will have absolutely no one willing to take on the job. Zero confindence by the fans and 15 000 people in the stands.

Do or Die Gents...


5 or 6 quality players might be
significant on an established team

but there are 42 + 4 players on a game day roster.

Marcel set out to completely overhaul the team
and find better replacements up and down the line.

His vision of being the first CFL G.M.
to do that or even try to do that FAILED!


Did Bob Wettenhall send Desjardins
on a one year mission here on purpose?

I don't know that you can measure the success of such an undertaking after one season. Most of the gross errors were made by Taaf. He picked coordinators that had zero Canadian Football experience. His evaluation of Chang vs Williams was way off. Maybe Desjardins told Mitchell to mind his own business and stay out of his business? What do you think?

Don't think he was sent in on a one year mission but I bet you Popp and Desjardins are going to come hard after Armour and cream the Ticats at the draft in the spring. I'm looking forward to some serious hate between these two orgs in the coming months.

If you want to blame Charlie for the late hires
he made for his whole coaching staff, HfxTC.

you can also put blame on Marcel
for waiting to hire Taaffe.

He knew the better Co-ordinators would be gone
by the time the NCAA season was finished.

[ Obie said today that he PLANS to hire
his whole coaching staff before Christmas. ]

I agree with you that Desjardin did
carry on with his plan for the team,

stripping the team and bringing in
boatloads of non-CFL ready rookies

even after Scott told him that the Ticats
couldn't afford to sacrifice the season

We weren't in the hunt for the play offs
at any time during the whole season.

If his insubordination wasn't
ample reason for dismissal

his won/loss record sure was.

Well when we have a dominant O line for years to come I think it will be the teams strong point . I think we have Dejardins to thank for this and our D line is gonna be a strength as well .

The losing season was tough to take but it did gain valuable playing time for our young players and will only make the team stronger next season . We also stand a good chance to get a starter with the first pick in the coming draft .

It not our Canadians that are Problem.
Are US Players are
The Lack of Good Depth with US Players Hurt us
I'd Rather trade the 1st Pick for Good US Player.
WR or DB.

Is this you again Ron Lancaster? Insubordination...hello! Sources please... It is clear in the article from Zurkowsky that this organization lacks professionalism. Surprise, surprise!