Desjardins 2007 priorities

Other than the caoching staff, what do you guys think should be Marcel Desjardins' priorities.

I know alot will say get rid of Maas and get a new starting QB, while others (like me)would want to see him given another chance.

Other than QB, what positions do you think need upgrading, and what players out there, free agetns or not, would you like to see in Hamilton?

Above all else, they have to sign the best middle linebacker they can find. This was always filled by a dominant player on the Cats but it has been awhile since we have had a truly great one.

I think we should focus on bringing in more CBs to fill in the hole the loss of Goss has created. We should also focus on getting a gamebreaking WR and maybe some more o-lineman... a real safety?...

I was thinkig of replacing Peterson, who has disappointed me. I like this guy, I just don't see him having a ball sense, and seems to have a tough time getting open.

Next year I'd like to see the four receivers be, Hill, Fowlkes, Vaughn and Flick.

i think mlb, cb's alright and sam youngs turned out to be pretty good to fill goss's spot

For me we need a 1 Wideout..
another CB and a LT..

I think the D has a good core.Adding a player here or there(mlb,db,dl)should make an already decent unit better.The offence needs a big play wide out to compliment dj flick,a solid right tackle,and maybe need to see if ian fleming can become a cfl slotback or brock ralph as a wideout.But,first and foremost they need an offensive co-ordinater.A good one,that will set the offence around the talent and not try to force them to fit into it.

Receivers, receivers and more receivers.

Also agree that we need a real MLB.

Need some help on the D-line as well.

You acknowledged "other than coaching staff" but this really has been our Achilles heel over the last several years. Marcel has to not only get us a real good good Head Coach, but he also has too insist that the whole coaching staff be credible. I think our assistants were/are not that helpful to the Head Coach (especially for Coach Marshall). We also need more assistant coaches (QB coach, receivers coach).

I want to see size at the reciever position . We have been far to small for too long . Id also like to see a LT who can be a mainstay for years . I really dont think the defense needs that much work . What they need is discipline !!!!

I believe are main priority is to find an experienced CFL coach who can come in and make an immediate impact. Secondly, I think we need a legitimate deep threat in order for our QB to spread the D out. Thirdly, maybe an experienced CFL OL that could step in immediately and make a difference.

Agree with Habman for the most part. I'd like to see some good sized receivers at least brought in for a look, (Knight,Evraire, Morreale) and maybe just some competition for our current secondary.
No massive housecleaning but a couple of starting calibre backs to compete in camp.

Other than that an OC and head coach (Taffe) would top my list.


Another chance???????
Maas has had all season to show that he has some QB and leadership skills and you think he needs another chance? How many more players have to deride him for his lousy performance? How many more bad passes does he have to throw? He has run out of all the excuses he comes up with after yet another poor performance.
Any other team in any league would have booted him out weeks ago. Another chance? Get real.
This teams future can not be with Maas at the helm. He has zero potential.
I cannot see Marcel Desjardins wasting any more valuable rebuilding time with Maas. The only question to me regarding Maas is whether he will be gone before or after the new Head Coach arrives.
I could go on.......

Good thread!

I’ve daid it before, but one more time won’t hurt…“Who is the ‘Captain’ of the OLine?” For a long time it was Coulter, and worked well. Presently we don’t have any heir apparent leader in there (maybe Jonta?) that can stay healthy long enough to be effective.

I was going to say leave the coaching out of it, but can’t. Lets get a great Head Coach, with CFL experience, and yes Taffe seems to be the target. Coach Sal has earned a spot as OLine coach. DLine coach is either good or is having any errors erased by great players. The remainder should be polishing their regimes.

And we need more coaches than we have. No QB or receiver coach means no advocates in the direction of the team and the crummy offense we’ve been caused to endure, as the feedback is lost at a play design level.

We are coming along in the D Backfield, though I wish we got to see more of the guy from Sask than we do of Shaw, as I’d like a stronger safety (ie a younger Hitchcock!)

The linebacking needs some work and size.

The returners are now here for ST’s, given Hill ever gets healthy enough to play, but crystallizing the return cover would be nice; of course you don’t trade to do that…

A good argument for physically bigger receivers. Add to that, that they are attuned to Maas’s thoughts and timings (which means we hire in the fall, and protect in the spring).

Overstocked a lot at RB; I can’t see how we can retain all the guys we have and get the best benefit, and each are diamonf trade bait, when healthy!

While it’ll draw fire, I have no issue with retaining Jason Maas as starting QB for 2007. As we start to go down the final tubes in 2006, lets swallow the pride and play a bit of the backups, to see who should be here next year, and who should not.

Biggest challenge will by the HC and OC that can look at and understand the misused talent that we already have, and how to win in any dispersal draft that may occur…

Once a coach is in place, first priority, Let him pick his team of assistant coaches after he has evaluated the avilable talent currently with the team. The coach needs to have a plan of what type of Offense and Defence he wants. He then should pick his team of Assistant Coaches. Then we need to keep the players that fit the plan. Then it's up to the G.M and scouting staff to fill the holes. Basically start from scratch. But I believe we have a deeper pool of talent to start with than we did 3 years ago.

Right on Lifter,
Without a doubt, our weakess link on the D is at safety. Shaw is not a sure tackler, is not physical at all, and is never around to support the db's in deep coverage. Sandy Beveridge played extremly well when he was in. The kid is very physical....hits a ton out there. Maybe he could be the new Hitch we've been looking for?
On the O line we should really be looking for a quality Canadian able to play tackle. Wayne Smith should be a force out there but another non-import tackle to back him up gives us another spot for a import.
We must find another tackle and rush end for the D line. Good pressure from the D line improves the whole defence immediatly.
As far as QB goes you gotta have Maas back under a new head coach....hopfully there won't be any issues with injuries or problems with the OC etc.
Having said that, I think it's paramount that we bring in a proven QB who can challenge Maas for the starters job. I don't think that Taffe will just hand it to him. The new coach won't have any loyalties to produce, and you play.

Two reasons why I cut Maas some slack:

  1. Horrible offensive scheme institued by PaoPao.

  2. Rumoured injury

He looked fine last game, and according to the Spec his ab problems (first I'd heard of them) are etting better, and so are his throws.

This week should prove interesting with Maas' return to Commonwealth stadium.