Desjardin comments about inking Casey Printer

Not sure if this has been posted already. Desjardin says that we are in a good position to make an offer for Printers.

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whats he waiting for? make him an offer he cant refuse

whats he waiting for? make him an offer he cant refuse
Well what would you offer him if you were Marcel?


I have never looked at what is in a Professional football league contract, so I wouldn't know where to start. But time is limited for the cats

  1. Danger of losing fans
  2. Abyssmal seasons
  3. Threat of being the laughing stock of the CFL (the Ti-Cats organization not Marcel)

The list can go on and on, sit down with his agent make a solid offer, and put your faith long term in a QB that could take us out of last place. We did that with Maas and unfortunately it didn't work out. Athletes are gambles no matter one..from hero to zero in one season, thats all it takes.

Be still my beating heart...

Ahhh yes....

1997 2-16

1998 enter Danny and Darren with Lancaster and go to the Grey Cup

1999 win the whole enchilada... sweet

can it happen again with Printers at the helm? (cue the music from Jaws...)

Still waiting for your offer?
whats he waiting for?

i think it comes down to bc, als or us

I think if we want him it will be strictly big money that will do it.
Steve Burratto worked with Printers in BC. Maybe Printers will be attracted to the A____'s because it would be a good fit for him again with Burratto. Damon Allen will be gone next season too so a Bishop/Printers combination would be heck of a good move. Thats if either Printers or Bishop would be happy with being a back-up.
Strictly in terms of need though, Printers should be in Hamilton. But the question is...could Printers perform under the present OC? Or would he be shaking his head too much?
I was checking around on the Kansas City Chiefs website and it looks as if Printers was just an add-on there. He was never mentioned by Herman Edwards( who did diddly squat as a coach with the Jets and is likely to repeat that with the Chiefs). It was always Huard and Croyle so the best Printers could have done was #3. Then as soon as he injured his hamstring Tyrell was brought in and got the #3 job. G'bye Casey.
Anyway...Printers may be happier with the A___'s if he comes back to the CFL.
Another week should tell the tale.

Printers to Toronto would be a recipe for disaster.

Printers wants to be #1 and will whine if he isn't. Bishop also wants to be #1, and now that he's finally got it won't want to give it up.

I foresee major locker room distractions if Bishop and Printers are on the same team.

Maybe...but would he be happy with the coaching staff here?
Or perhaps he will end up back with Wally Buono in BC and we can sign Jarious Jackson or Buck Pierce?

Probably not. Are you? Or anyone else in Ticat nation, for that matter?

Ya I don't think they'll mess with things, they've been destroying teams with Bishop in there. I'd actually rather have Bishop than Casey, Casey still has a lot to learn as far as reading defences and should have stayed in the league before going to the NFL, he clearly wasn't ready.

I believe it was Craig Smith who brought Printers into the CFL. I also remember a blog of Smith's in the off season that included a picture with Printers. So, I think he have a connection to the inside track for Printers as well.

As usual, the ____s are interested in any free agent that comes across the waiver wire. And I can't really blame them, especially in this case.

I think Wally burned his bridge with Casey, so it is unlikely he will go back there. So that leaves it between us and the ____s.

The ____s have waited years for Michael Bishop develop in to the leader of their ball club, and to try to sign Casey Printers would be an insult to him. Neither quarterback would stand for being the back-up.

So my conspiracy theory? The ____s are only in the running for Casey Printers solely to drive the price up so that the Ticats pay top dollar in an effort to handcuff the team with the salary cap.

I have confidence Printers will be a Ticat pretty soon, but he definately will be the highest paid player in the league at well over $500K per year.

Now give us some new offensive tackles Dan Rambo. Let's see what that crazy database can produce for us in that department!

Breath holdingly yours,

  • paul

That made me look up Craig Smith and found this in his bio:

[i]Smith had spent six seasons in various roles with the B.C. Lions including the last four as their Player Personnel Coordinator. His primary responsibility was helping General Manager Wally Buono and Director of Player Personnel Bob O'Billovich add new talent to the Lions roster. With
BC, Smith scouted the NFL, NFL Europe, NCAA Division I and Division II All-Star games and the CIS. He also set up various free agent camps for the club.

During his time with the Lions, Smith was heavily involved with the Canadian College Draft where the team chose the likes of Jason Clermont, Javier Glatt, Lyle Green, and Paris Jackson.[/i]

We all know how strong BC is. Hopefully his magic will work here too.

Not only is the Canadian talent outstanding, so is BC's QB recruiting.

I talked to Craig before Casey was Cut.
He thought Casey would make the roster. He was in KC for their Camp.I asked him at Cats Claws BBQ on Saterday if He was Shocked about Casey Being Cut He said Yes.

He Told Me He Thought Casey had every to be a great CFL QB.