Design Plans for Lansdowne to be revealed today

Another step forward in the snail-like progress of the new Lansdowne park. The competing designs for the Park site will be unveiled today.

Hopefully we will see something good here that will silence the critics of the plan

So this is the stuff around the stadium, with the stadium and retail coming next week.

Have a look:

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The proposals look awesome, I just can't see the city councillors rejecting it now, they would look pretty foolish to turn it down. The designers have really done their homework and silenced the critics. I like the way they have emphasized the "Park" and a stadium is only one small part of it.

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Looks like some great designs and real progress!


Personally, I like design C. It offers a little bit of everything, doesn't cover up the greenspace with water, and has a relatively inexpensive first phase.

Hard to imagine how people can oppose somthing like this, especially for those who have seen the current condition of the site.

I'm a D man myself. :wink:

I think for these to be accepted, there has to be a stand-out feature. It seems a lot of people like A, but it doesn't have that. I find it kind of boring. C has the fountain and D has the boardwalk.

Have you guys taken a lot at the cost of these? E is pretty fancy, but comes it at about $80M. Eek! Most are somewhere in the 30's.

And now the stadium part comes tomorrow:

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To do it up even bigger, they could fly Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito in for the unveiling.

Then again, it sounds like the plans are impressive enough on their own.

Twenty-five years after The Jewel of the Nile hit the big screen, a similar title could be placed on the seven-minute video being shown as part of a much-anticipated presentation Thursday at Carleton University’s Bell Theatre.

For the first time on public display will be the designs for what will no doubt become known as The Jewel of the Canal.

Those who have had a glimpse at blueprints for the Lansdowne Park revitalization say the stadium, which will seat roughly 24,000, is absolutely spectacular. That the view from the canal is breath-taking. That Ottawa’s new CFL home will be the envy of the league.

But details — other than the number of seats and the fact much of the construction is made of wood to reflect the city’s heritage — have largely been kept under wraps.

City councillors, who six months ago voted 15-9 in favour of Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group proceeding with plans to turn Lansdowne into a world-class facility, should be more than satisfied with what they see Thursday. They’ll also be given an update on the progress of conditions they placed on the project, which need to be met by the final vote on June 28.

Along with Mayor Larry O’Brien, planning and environment committee chairman Peter Hume and OSEG’s Roger Greenberg, also in attendance will be local architects Ritchard Brisbin and Barry Hobin and Toronto-based Cannon Design’s Rob Clairborne to provide a detailed explanation of the designs for the mixed-use development and stadium renewal.

Don’t be surprised if CFL commissioner Mark Cohon shows up as an interested spectator, as well as a large number of Rough Rider alumni.

“I think sports fans in Ottawa, and all those interested in all activities relative to the stadium, are going to be very, very excited,? said OSEG frontman Jeff Hunt. “I think it will be the pre-eminent stadium in Canada.?

While the CFL has promised to return to the nation’s capital if the stadium is built, Hunt said “a lot of thought? has also gone into the requirements of a pro soccer team and its fans.

“It was not an after-thought or an add-on,? said Hunt. “Soccer needs were incorporated into the design as well as football elements. I think we’ve struck a great balance.?

Perhaps struck a chord with longtime Riders fans, as well.

Because of the placement of the more luxurious sections, Hunt noted there could be a “flip flop? of tradition.

“Fans who sat in the south side could gravitate to the north side, and vice versa,? he said. “It could be interesting.?

Indeed, but nothing sucks about this deal. Nothing at all.

Rather, it’s time to get pumped up about the development of a facility this city needs and deserves.

Oh, there’s sure to be some negativity surrounding Thursday’s landmark unveiling. The primary source is sure to be Clive Doucet, who is intent on leaving his mark as Capital ward councillor — even if it is a black one.

But his voice is getting weaker.

Other detractors also like to say the whole project is doomed because of the mostly terrible pro football played at Lansdowne over the last 20 or so years Ottawa had a CFL team.

Truth is, even when the Rough Riders/Renegades were at their lousiest — when there was an absentee owner and the team went decades without winning more games than it lost — attendance was still in the 17,000 range.

Now, ownership will be in the hands of a local group with deep pockets. The stadium will be full and vibrant, as full as new stadiums tend to be. The best example is Percival Molson Memorial Stadium in Montreal, where the Alouettes call home.

To be there for a football game is to have had a great night of entertainment.

Hunt believes free-agent players, like the fans, will want to be at the new Lansdowne as often as possible.

A good team, strong local ownership and a packed park?

Get the construction crews going, already.

“It’s been a long time coming, but I think people will say it’s been worth the wait,? said Hunt. “I think they’ll see something that’s going to be very special.?

It will be The Jewel of the Canal, at the very least.

This whole project has been conducted with such transparancy and profesionalism. Quality is all over this thing. We often talk about politicians messing these up. The people of Ottawa should be very proud of all involved in this one and I think this project will show that tax payers don't mind spending money when they get a real return and something of quality for their money.

First look:

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The design looks awesome.
I sure hope the next phase being the actual construction picks up from the current snails pace, which makes Franklin the turtle a speed demon.

Doesn't that look so much better than the current state Lansdowne is in?
Well done.
Hopefully they get started soon...

It can't pick up from a snails pace since the design hasn't been chosen yet! i think you made the same comment 6 months ago.

What's the rush? a team won't be ready before 2013!!

Could be the Ticats re-locating here!

Yes I did make the same comment, but it appears nothing has changed other then the conditional approval.
It would appear there are still way too many hoopes to go through?
I once thought 2013 was too far off, but now this date may be optimistic.

The pace feels awful because we've heard many times that the next vote was the crucial one. Then the next one, and so on.

In reality though, they first got talked about in about September of '07 and only submitted a real proposal in about may '08. Compare that to the timeline for Winnipeg's place or Montreal expansion and it's right on pace, if not faster.

But you are totally wrong!!

First of all there were two bids - one by the Hunt Group for Lansdowne and one by Eugene Melnyk for Scotiabank Place in Kanata. that was almost 18 months ago and the public and the council were given 6 months for review and debate.
Then it was voted in council that the choice was Lansdowne Live, that was a year ago. Then it became the publics turn for debate and the hearings were held around the city that took 6 months. Last November the city voted to proceed and Lansdowne Live was asked to put together a design, which took 6 months. The Lansdowne Live worked closely with the city and the NCC on the design which they had 6 months to do.

How can you even compare Montreal expansion to this???? That's about adding 3,000 seats to an existing old stadium, that has taken years to get off the ground!

We are talking about a complete development of the Lansdowne Park site - a complete redesign of Bank Street, condos, stores, art gallerly, green space, the canal inlet, the huge underground parking lot, the redesigned Civic Centre arena and of course the new stadium which is one small part of it!!!
this one of the biggest projects ever in Ottawa!

Come on guys, start paying attention to what's going on!

Winnipeg? they haven't even got financing yet! it may never get off the ground.

I humbly apologize. :lol:

Truth be told, I don't know much about either project. I recall seeing something about Winnipeg's stadium as far back as 2004 but am not sure if it was the same proposal. I think the current one dates back to 2006? Montreal expansion is, indeed, several years in the making and a drop in the bucket compared to Lansdowne Park.

Anyway, bottom line, slow as it might feel, in actual fact, it's moving along just fine for what it is.

These things take time...

CFR thanks for keeping us up to date , I've been checking the Ottawa forum for updates and you've been the one doing the job.


The talk is for 24,000 seats and I'm curious about that since I've heard a number of times over the years that you need at least 25,000 to break even in the CFL. I'm sure the developers have all the numbers worked out, I just find it interesting.

There is no set attendance that will automatically give you a break even point. Selling 24,000 tickets at an average $60, is much better than 30,000 average at $40 also teams that have more corporate sponsorship do better financially, and then there are the coporate boxes. In a place like Ottawa which would have the highest income levels in the CFL, you could charge more for tickets, have many corporate boxes, naming rights to the stadium etc.
In a place like Hamilton charging $10 ir $20 more for tickets wouldn't go down too well plus they have very few private boxes, no naming rights.