Deshaun Watson Proceedings

"At work" - literally as in a team facility on company time no, but legally "not at work" was not necessarily true all the same and an overlooked point, for in some cases the Texans provided the connection and venue of the therapist even though there is no evidence that the incidents took place in an actual team facility. In doing so, the Texans were liable for setting up the association and the matter indeed was connected to Watson's employer. Of course the Texans settled those cases already.

Before one of Watson’s accusers filed her lawsuit against the Texans, a New York Times investigation showed that the team provided the venue Watson used for some of the massage appointments that resulted in civil claims or criminal complaints. A team representative also furnished him with a nondisclosure agreement after a woman who later sued him threatened online to expose his behavior.

Here's probably the only place I don't agree with you though agree with the rest as we learn more about the true nature of all allegations.

As both men are certainly deserving of more than censure and Snyder's organization had already been fined in the millions, the media have not been on Snyder's case nearly as much as on Watson's case and Snyder's matters go back in discovery much earlier.

Of course as an NFL owner, Snyder is far more powerful and has been far more protected by the NFL owners and Goodell and even by members of the media like one of his hacks Tony Kornheiser long ago. Kornheiser was outed as a hack for Snyder over a decade ago and had his own harassment hijinks at ESPN and was suspended, yet he is still employed there.

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There will be much debate about the length of the suspension ... the morality of it all aside, given the apparent lack of violence that was involved, I was not surprised ... that seems to be the usual trigger for bigger numbers.

Watson's camp apparently will not appeal ... it will be interesting to see what the NFL does ... were they to appeal it would be heard by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell ... would even *** he *** have the guts to increase the suspension that is the first significant decision heard under the new CBA negotiated discipline process.

Probably the same as CFL. Suspension's are defined in the players union agreements with the NFL.
Goodell did the perfect thing by not being involved. It always looks like the police investigating the police - nothing they did was wrong "wink wink"....

CFL could learn from this and appoint an independent discipline committee....

Lack of violence my ass... Sexual assault is a violent act despite the lack of bruises or cuts on bodies ... any one who thinks otherwise has never talked to woman or a man who was abused sexually. Or may just be somewhat misogynistic themselves towards this issue


I am surprised he only got six games, especially since the league was reportedly seeking a full year. No kidding he won’t appeal. Still, the Browns will pay for their idiocy in signing him as they are likely to be 1-5 or 0-6 by the time he returns.


I agree ... should have specified PHYSICAL violence ... apologies

He had no choice ... the new CBA (thankfully) excludes him from the initial process.

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And that statement says you still do not freaking get it... This guy should be in jail and have to register as a sexual offender st the very least

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If my comments on specific elements of the case offend you because they do not address the incidents in their entirety, and your omniscient morality allows you to extrapolate those few words to form a "cohesive MIS-understanding" of me and my beliefs then please feel free to block me so I no longer offend you ... BTW, I agree what he did was heinous.

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The NFL stepped in it again...

Apparently just talking to Tom Brady in secret rises to the same level of outrage in the NFL as committing multiple sexual assaults.

By the way... it looks like the NFL Players Union is going to appeal Watson's suspension.


All reporst I've seen are that Watson/NFLPA will not appeal the 6-game suspension, but might sue if the NFL appeals and Roger Goodell, or his designated pawn, increases the suspension.

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We all hope you're right.

So let the NFLPA sue - 6 games is a joke.

Someone should interview Browns Asst. GM Catherine Raiche & ask her how she feels about 6 games.


TOTALLY unrelated to this case, it might be interesting to see what rocks the NFLPA and Watson's lawyer(s) decide to turn over during the discovery process of a lawsuit ... that in and of itself may cause the NFL to not appeal or Godell to uphold the suspension.

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The Cleveland Browns are officially worse than any Ottawa Rough Rider management ever assembled or any CFL team .

The CFL may be bush with many things but this is a NFL team with billions behind them and still makes moves like they just walked into the room of XFL 2001 .

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Give her a truth serum before she answers

6 games is really another happy ending for Watson.


Baddum Bash! (rim shot) :laughing:

Oh well au contraire folks about some of the claims after the fact. This matter is going to appeal one way or the other.

For the NFLPA, this matter looks like uncharted territory though perhaps somebody can cite a similar example of a lawsuit to defend a player who was disciplined before the recent change in the CBA in 2020 that set forth this new procedure with a designated Disciplinary Officer.

And after all that, the article sets forth contradictory representations because it appears there is still argument about if the ruling by the Disciplinary Officer can be appealed and then who can hear the appeal and also the claim that Commissioner Goodell can hear and rule on the appeal himself anyway. :woozy_face:

Okay now, perhaps you like me were here I was thinking we would get some closure and enough of this pre-season noise, and I am only a fan looking at all the evidence in favour of at least 30 women, but consider their perspectives?

Maybe Watson had done more of the same in much of his life well before his time in the NFL, for that's the common track record of sex offenders until they finally run into civil di$cipline or the law.

I'm taking the over on the NFL's lawyers and friends in government on this one. I don't see this suspension standing given the looming damage to the NFL brand once Watson should play so soon.

It's about minimizing damage to the brand at this point as much as it is about justice, though of course given the numerous victims, this matter like too many all should be about justice first and foremost!


one thing I dont get. Though I think he is probably guilty of wrongdoing, he has been officially and legally declared not gulty in a court of law, has he not. If so, then what gives anyone else the right to take any punitive action against him??