Deshaun Watson Proceedings

Wow how much more of the dirt on the NFL has been coming out!

So now there's this bombshell report by the New York Times - there is evidence that the Houston Texans were complicit in the alleged sexual misconduct of Deshaun Watson, who is now facing 24 lawsuits from the female plaintiffs:


The heat turns up on Goodell now given all the precedents since Ben Roethlisberger in 2010 even before "Me Too" became a media phrase for an already existing smaller movement than now.

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Yeah I’m not sure what will happen and when. I can’t see the NFL going light on this given their history with Rice and others. I am surprised that Cleveland mortgaged the farm to acquire him with no guarantee he will be playing anytime soon. Bad time to be a Browns fan I would say.


Below is the latest on the Watson saga.

It appears that he is looking at having at least a year off, which makes sense if you take into account that baseball suspended Trevor Bauer for 2 years for an incident with one person that he also wasn’t criminally charged for. That is 23 less accusers than Watson has. Woe for Cleveland. Who will play QB in what is looking like a lost season already and no first round picks for the foreseeable future?

A decision is expected before the opening of Cleveland’s training camp July 27th.

The article also says that the league and NFLPA jointly appointed a former district judge as a disciplinary officer. That person is to review the soon to be prepared report. It is unclear as to whether she has been tasked with making the disciplinary decision but that seems to be the implication. If so I think it is smart to have an independent professional decision maker render a decision as opposed to Roger the Dodger, which would surely be followed by appeals.

(Report: NFL seeks 'significant' suspension for Watson Cleveland Browns Deshaun Watson suspension Houston Texans -

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An independent disciplinary officer???? For 23 sexual assaults! if you or I did this we be locked up and the key thrown away. this is again a case those with $$$ can do as they please...
Oh yea, waiting for the posts where some start saying he was set up or women who jumped on the band wagon are not telling the truth and just want money


There is much overlap in this report's information with the fine article linked by @Jon above. Yet then there is this nugget.

I don't see the NFL, or any large or thriving business enterprise of any size for that matter, wanting this matter to linger in the news after any punishment is determined.

I'd be very surprised if NFL's "independent" disciplinary officer didn't go on the harsh side so as to cover this looming legal contingency as reported in this article.

At least now the discussion is more of what degree of punishment to include missed games and no longer from any realistic faction a question of "if" Watson will be punished and miss games.

Watson is currently facing 24 lawsuits, but that number could soon be jumping to 26. The lawyer for the plaintiffs, Tony Buzbee, told CBS Sports earlier this week that two more lawsuits would likely be filed in the near future. The fact that more lawsuits could be filed even after Watson is hit with a potential suspension does complicate things. In that case, the NFL could add a stipulation to any potential Watson punishment that would allow the league to impose additional discipline if any more lawsuits get filed after the original discipline is handed out.

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The latest on Watson. Can’t really see this affecting his coming NFL suspension.

(Attorney says 20 of 24 lawsuits filed against Watson settled restricted-content)

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