DE's in BC???

Why is it that the BC lions will not make way for DE Nautyn McKay-Loescher to start over Chris Wilson? He is not only stronger but also quicker off the end. He has recorded 2 sacks and a forced fumble in 20 plays. If this doesn't deserve the right to start then I dont know what does. He is a non import player which will provide BC with a better DL.....Think about it Wally, you idiot.

Couldn't agree more.

yah , because you know what the coach knows...idiot

But he's right... M-L should be playing more.

All I am saying is that the best player should play. Nautyn is the better player hands down. How many plays will he have to make before Wally will put the best defense possible on the field every play?

Couldn't agree more. Not only does McKay have more to offer than Wilson, it would free up an import spot to get Jamal Johnson back on the roster.