Derrick Doggett Is Back

MOAB at the Bomber forum posted that LaPo said during the post-game that calls were being made to fix the ST problems and that Derrick Doggett posted this via twitter shortly after the game:

Feels good to spend these last couple days with my twins before I head to Canada.......watching cartoons til we knockout!

hope its true. doggett would certainly help our special teams coverage.

ppl can blame serna but.. the coverage is poor on missed fgs, punt returns and kick offs.

thats not all on serna.

Both Doggett and Hefney were beasts on the special teams for us last year.

Our punt coverage isn't poor. Including last night's game, we lead the league in both punting and net punting. The longest punt return we've given up in two games is 15 yards and that was last night.

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He's back, now let's go out and get Medlock too.

......NOW WERE TALKING...... :thup: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: Medlock still the property of the argos?????They might have to release him or failing that, I think we would have to make a deal for him??????? :roll:

ya, we also need a return specialist, hopefully we can at least get medlock

medlock is indeed argos property. we'd have to trade someone for him.

kickers miss field goals, d'angelis missed 2 today for the cats.. should he be released?

u could say those 2 even 1 miss's cost the ticats the game also..

serna isnt the problem.. cvety got hurt (that sucks more than ppl realize), bestard released and inglish brought in. all in like 3 weeks really. 3 long snappers in 3 weeks, is the long snapper to blame for the missed fg? no, but he's partly to blame for allowing the argos to run it all the way back.

so everytime someone missed a fg.. do we cut him? is that how it works around here? u cut him eventho it was from 45 and hardly a gimme and looked good to me actually watching from my cabin.. but.. he missed. it happens.

2 missed fg returns in 2 weeks = terrible coverage. watch those returns again, all our guys go to one side, owens go woops.. changes directions.. gone, meanwhile all of our tacklers are at the 2 yard line bunched up like bananas.

our d last night didnt look that good either, 100 yard td drive = unacceptable. argos winning time of possession = unacceptable.

u need to look at the bigger picture, not just 1 guy.

serna will turn it around.

we are 1-1, we could easily be 2-0 if our special teams showed up. special teams have struggled both weeks. week 1 we got away with it cuz our d showed up, week 2, we didnt cuz our d crapped the bed at certain points of the game. was watching and thought OK now if our d can stop them here, 2 and out.. we got the mo and our offense wont be stopped.. they didnt stop them tho. whenever the d needed a big stop against the argos, it didnt happen.

injuries to d smith,logan and ike didnt help but u gotta deal with those.

ill tell you this, for all the off season predicitons and doom and gloom predicted by the experts here.. to be 1-1 isnt that bad.. we should be 2-0 but we arent, things happen.

gallant doesnt get a bs unneccesary roughness call and who knows if the argos even kick that last fg.. that was a weak call for sure.. very weak. didnt even look like he touched him actually but it is what it is.

doggett will help alot. 27 sp teams tackles in 15 games last season, 5th in the league.

right now.. offense looks ok, d is good enough.. sp teams need help and doggett will help.

i think we should also look at playing some starters on special teams aswell. our backups obviously arent getting the job done.

He was an option year signing so his rights did revert back to the Argos. How long does a team have to make a decision on a player after he's released by an NFL team?

the difference is serna has missed 4 feild goals this season...

2 of those were because of the long snapper...

d'angelis missed 2 today.. cats should cut him.

is that the mentality?

ur gonna miss, its gonna happen, dont know how many times that needs to be said.. but 2 returned for td's in 2 games.. maaan, thats not on serna.

d'angelis missed 2 but the stamps didnt return them for a td.. why? because the cats guys can tackle. ours cant.

its that simple.

3 long snappers in 3 weeks, its not like he shanked that kick either, if he would have shanked it wide wide right or left.. then ok but really, missed by inches, no way should that be returned for a td tho. NOT EVEN TOUCHED none the less. thats terrible kick coverage.

k, those missed kicks were all because of serna i could care less how bad the snaps were, as long as the hold was down and was in a spot where our guy can actually get as good kick off, i think that the kicker should be able to make the kicks.

as for the kick coverage, we definately need work there, maybe Doggett will help, but if Serna makes those kicks we wouldn't be talking about this would we? :roll:

That is not the difference --- 2 were the snapper or holders fault and one should not have even been attempted (week one against the Cats a 49 Yarder INTO a 40 KM wind) not even the best will make those that often and even so he had the distance it just sailed a couple feet wide.

Don't even start the Serna Hate Parade, it's 2 games into the season and he should not be faulted on all the attempts.

it so easy to blame 1 guy..

heres the thing.. that missed fg.. made the score 31-27.. with about 8 9 minutes left. lots of time to go out there and grab the lead back.. argos added a fg and a 2 point conceeded safety. and ended up winning by 2 aka.. the safety that we gave up.

blame serna, blame whoever..

7 carries for fred reid, d not being able to get any 2 and outs consistently atleast.. spotting them a 16-0 lead and we were right there at the end. its not all doom and gloom like some seem to think.

yup bring in an american kicker to replace an american kicker.. that will solve all the problems. YUP. nevermind the questionable play calling, last week we had a balanced attacked this week we had 14 runs and about 40 passes. yup nm all that cuz i mean, its all because of the kicker missing a 45 yard fg that alot of kickers have missed.

I agree 100% Killer and one thing that i am really bothered by is LaPo is not even involving the other weapon we have in the backfield, Bernard, that just flat out confuses me.

yup. i dont get it either to be honest. im also not a fan of bringing back guys we cut such as donald brown jr and having him play over a guy we have on our pr in bernard hicks.

alot of things confuse me about this team.. but they didnt give up. played right till the end and with a call here or a break there.. a catch by brock ralph (time to sit him and see what arthur can do me thinks).. and the game is different.

we lost, big deal. we werent supposed to be 2-0 anyways.

we were supposed to suck this year.. and if 2 games prooves anything.. its that our offense is as good if not better than every other teams outside of sask and montreal, our d is good enough to get the job done.. again they gave up less than 30 points, held the argos to basically fg's and the 1 long td drive but it happens. if we can, and we will, get our sp teams coverage turned around.. we should be allright.

who knows, maybe all the experts are wrong and the west will be the weaker division and the east will be closer than most ppl think.

ill say this.. id rather our sp teams problems be spotted now and fixed now rather than week 10 or 12 or 16.

we have a good team, we need to give them time to come together. both games, we played pretty good in 2 phases of the game, offense and defense, wait till our sp teams comes around and we will be allright. AND THEY WILL.

your right, its not all on Serna, but hes gotta take some blame...

it was a bit of a deep kick at 45 yards, but you can't just be happy with that performance.

we should want perfection, and our offence is darn close, 2 turnovers and i think that will do it.

defence, really needs to PICK IT UP, i know there were some injuries but we always should shut down a rookie quarterback.

special teams- deserved to be called special teams because they sure were "special"

that rookie qb didnt really do much, just didnt turn the ball over. we turned it over twice, led to 2 argo fg's. lost by 2.

it happens. no excuses. time to look forward to the next game :slight_smile:

Hmmmm .... No official news on Doggett, anyone have an update? as of today he is still not on the roster?

Doggett is on the roster at the Bombers website and was at practice on Monday.