Derrick Armstrong

Should Sask look at Armstrong? On one hand he is a legitimate deep threat and a great reciever, but on the other his move on Thursday shows that maybe he isn't a really big team player. We have a great group of young recievers who seem to get along well and have no problems with rotating and working together. We could always go get Matty D but with his knees we may only get a part of the season from him.


I agree with Gcup89, we don't need another receiver.. we have only one true linebacker(Williams) that starts. If you watched the game he basically gave the Lions 5 extra points-- one on the missed tackle that BP scored on. If he makes that tackle maybe BC doesn't get in on 2nd down either and has to settle for 3 instead of 7.. and the Lions got 1 pt as a result of the roughing the passer call that gave BC an automatic 1st down. Only the questionable call of Buono prevented that from becoming 3 pts. I would say Armour or Hunt would be a good acquistion, although Kornegay( I still think this is not a good move) had a decent game at LB.

Winnipeg will likely try to trade him, I really don't see the Riders as having the SMS room to bring Armstrong on board as he is one of the higher paid receivers in the league. We also have plenty of depth at that position right now.

We have depth at the slotback position but not a whole lot of depth for WR. We have Rob Bagg and Chris Jones. Rob Bagg has shown he is a talented reciever and I am sure Chris Jones is but right now we do not have a legitimate deep threat reciever.

Yes BUT, why spend the money for depth at one position when you do not have a complete legimate STARTER at another, and there are not 1 but 2 guys available?

If we were so concerned with wide outs , why we get rid of Bowmen to begin with?
So no to DA

Yes. If we can afford it, bring him in. But I really doubt that's the case.

If you mean that we don't have a legitimate starter at QB then I think you are wrong and that Durant is the real thing yes he made some mistakes but he will grow and who are the guys available. Not Printers he has yet to show he is a legitimate starter, and I don't know of another one out there.

No at Linebacker

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The Saskatchewan Roughriders apparently don't have any interest in wide receiver Derick Armstrong.

The organization reportedly got a call Sunday from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers about a deal for the receiver, but declined the offer.

What did they want? Other than the fact that he’s a high-priced import reciever with an attitude, we could have used the help at WR. Although I think Dominguez has more of a chance of making the team than Armstrong.

Well I don't know if I agree with that I think that Rey Williams play at MLB was excellent, Sean Lucas has proved the last two years he is exceptional in that position and as for Tad Kornegay I had my doubts but he is starting to make me think he may work at that spot.

I don't think i can say Williams' play was excellent. Kornegay had a pretty decent game but he over-ran BP on several ocxassions. I don't think the Riders are really too concerned about the linebackers though. It's begining to look like Kye Stewart could make us forget about McKenzie at WILL (weakside). I totally agree with you about our lack of a deep threat. Chris Jones may turn out to be a three year project before he shows anything. I think we may have been a little Hasty about releasing Todd Blythe. Durrant was okay. Yeah, I hated the interceptions but lets give him the first game and see what he does next time. Armstrong may be worth considering.

I liked Armstrong all through his CFL career. And he can still play, and would be a fearsome short side WR. I don't think he's a burner anymore, but that wouldn't end it for me. My biggest concern is his head. What is he gonna do the first time he plays here and gets 2 balls thrown his way? Because given our slots, and a healthy Cates, that's a possibility.

It is impossible to tell what happens behind the scenes, but I'd want to talk to him to figure that part out. I'm, not that excited to have a 30 year old come in and "mentor" our receivers in the fashion we all saw Thursday. The WR pool can't be that thin, can it?

I like Armstrong's play. But I don't think we need him now. I don't really see any plus side to trading for Armstrong. Let the Riders Ride for now.

Riders dont need him we need a QB and a strong runing back if Cates can't play, not sure how these young guns will do, i heard Dominguez got an offer from the Bombers but said no to low. holy guess he does not want to play anymore, think he has Printers agent lol

Why do we need a QB?

keep watching and you will see

Have some faith my friend, does 5-0 mean anything to you? lol

LOL hope your right :slight_smile: