Derrick Armstrong....a Bomber

......The stamps completed the deal for Bryant and Franklyn by sending us Armstrong an ni o lineman.....Why is it that i think we 'scooped' the cowboys BIGTIME on this deal...If Jabari Arthur turns out to be anything like his press clippings....whoah....I'd say we won this trade hands down... Jabari Arthur, Odell Willis, Titus Ryan, and now Armstrong AND 2010 fourth and sixth round pics...I like it :thup: :rockin:I hope Murphy can engineer a couple more trades like this one.. :thup:

Hopefully Armstrong's arm injury will be healed and he'll be ready to go come TC. Armstrong missed a number of games in 2008 and all of 2009 because of injuries to his arm.

You probably know this, papa, but in case you don't, this Armstrong spells his name Derek. I wasn't sure if you spelled it the way you did for effect or not. :lol:

I wish we knew what Arjei's status is in Calgary. I've seen some FA lists for the Stamps and Arjei's name isn't mentioned so is he still going to be a FA or did he sign an extension with the Stamps. If Arjei leaves the Stamps then I would say we won the deal even if Arthur doesn't pan out. If Arthur is as good as the Stamps, Calgary media and the Bombers say then IMO we will have definitely won the deal no matter what happens with Arjei.

....EFFECT.....yes.....cause and effect, blue blood :lol: ...It was also announced today that DiMichele the qb., who the stamps had high regard for and was gifted to us, was also part of the Bryant, Franklyn deal....can anyone spell proper' fleecing' :lol: :lol:

Yes, papa. Another huge piece of the puzzle. A real cornerstone...even though I've never even heard of this kid before.

Do the Bombers ever lose trades? (in your mind, that is)?

....HEY.....we're stockin-up for 2010......nothing wrong with that...and besides you can't have too many :wink: ni o linemen.....but then you knew that didn't ya..

Let’s take a look at the deal with the Stamps:

Bombers got Odell Willis, Titus Ryan, Jabari Arthur, Adam DiMichele, Derek Armstrong, a 4th and 6th round draft pick
Stamps got Romby Bryant, Arjei Franklin (unless he signed an extension with the Stamps he will be an FA), a 3rd round draft pick and a player off the Bombers neg list.

Looks pretty darn good for the Bombers IMO.

In the game against my Ticats that eliminated the Bombers from the playoffs, Willis took a dumb hot-headed penalty and got zero pressure on Glenn, and Ryan was absolutely invisible. Arthur has done zip in the CFL, and has injury issues. DiMichelle and Armstrong and those draft picks...nothing but question marks. Just because you get more bodies in a trade doesn't mean you win that trade, my friend.

Bryant could do more for the Stamps in the next 3 years than all of those Bomber players combined. And if the Stamps re-sign Franklin, which they undoubtedly will try to do,...

Judging players based on one game? That's silly. And I thought Ryan's TD against the Tabbies was pretty impressive.

Bryant could do more for the Stamps but then again maybe not. He had one good game with Calgary and the rest of the time his numbers were either decent or crap. In 7 regular season games he had 3 games with over 100 yards receiving and 4 games with under 40 yards receiving and 0 TDs (he had 0 TDs on the season). In the playoffs he had 4 catches for 63 yards and 1 TD against the Esks and against the Riders 4 catches for 32 yards. Not exactly spectacular IMO. And don't forget that Bryant will be turning 30 next month which, for a receiver, is getting old.

As for Franklin, I like Arjei but his numbers weren't worth singing about in Calgary either. In 1 and a bit games with the Bombers he had 5 catches for 53 yards before he was injured. In 7 regular season games with Calgary he had 5 catches for 40 yards (he only caught passes in 3 of 7 games). In the playoffs he had 1 catches for 9 yards and 1 TD against the Esks and against the Riders 3 catches for 76 yards. Again not spectacular.

Titus Ryan in 3 games with the Bombers had 8 catches for 285 yards and 3 TDs. He's tall (6'), fast and young (25). He also did a good job on spelling Jovon Johnson a couple of times on returns.

Odell Willis had 4 sacks and 2 forced fumbles in 7 games. Considering the fact that Doug Brown was the only guy on the d-line with experience after Gavin Walls was injured, Willis' performance was very good. He's only 24.

As for the others, we'll have to wait and see but they're all young. Armstrong at 28 is the oldest of the players the Bombers got.

you cannot deny the bombers totally fleeced them in this trade

....and as i recall....Odell Willis had a heckuva start with us , in a Bomber win in the hammer...I remember one play in particular when he stripped the ball off of Porter near the Cats end-zone and it turned into a quick six for the BigBlue....i think 'out in two' will experience more of the same in 2010 as Willis builds his game with us.... :thup: :wink: I'd say we did alright in that trade with the stumps :thup: :lol:

...I'm with on-in-two on this one...every team does what is can to build it's strength, and sometimes you have to give something good away to get something good in return...but seriously, if you blue-coloured glasses wearers think that the braintrust of Bauer/Kelly can 'shaft' someone like Hufnagel you guys are more delusional out there in Winnipeg than I thought...

...each team traded to strengthen, with the expectation that it's a win-win scenario, guys like Huf do not (pssst, do not), get taken...or fleeced....or had...or whatever buzzword this week pads your collective ego...

...Willis/Armstrong was a good trade for Franklin/Bryant....the rest was cannon fodder, honestly....

...that being said, this is your forum, I apologize if I've upset the bomber faithful...

Are you putting Armstrong ahead of the other players in the trade or was that a typo?

I know the Stamps are really tight lipped on announcing signings so it isn't surprising that no one seems to have heard whether Franklin has signed an extension or not. If he hasn't been re-signed yet and he decides to go the FA route like he had planned and he signs with another team, will you still think it was a good trade for the Stamps?

I kind of agree and disagree here.Yes, both team's made move's to better themselve's,but no Huffnagel did not make the best move.He did get a little ripped off.He's getting a guy who's probably signing with a new team in the off-season (Franklin), a guy who is horribly inconsistent as of late (Romby Bryant), a neg. lister and a couple of decent picks for a future star DE (Odell Willis), a future star KR/WR (Titus Ryan), a decent player that may improve (Jabari Arthur), a N/I OL can never have too many of those (Armstrong) (Trust me I know, Cat's have N/I OL coming out of the wahzoo.Zac Carlson,Simeon Rottier,Matt Morencie,Peter Dyakowski,Cedric Gagne-Marcoux,Marwan Hage,Alex Gauthier,and I think George Hudson is also.), as well as a QB prospect (DiMichele), and a couple of late rounder's, but hey late rounder's can sometime's be good :smiley: (Dave Stala).Stamp's got rooked, i'm sorry.They went for the now and gave up the future and failed still.Now they may lose Thelwell and Franklin.Ouch.

....for it's okay if i apoligize after i go on someone elses site and rip that how it's gonna go down?????....i guess that''ll work :lol:

...for one thing who said the Huffer was in charge of that deal....????Murphy who is now in the employ of the Bombers and late of the CAL. organization, knows the stamps' player depth ....he may have talked solely to Hufnagel...but i doubt it...In any case....the stamps did trade for 'now' the Bombers for the future....IF and this is a big if..they can't get Franklyn to re-sign...i don't know how anyone could look at this deal and say the stamps even came close to winning it...Titus Ryan and Willis... were in the high-end category of talent...never mind the rest....Apparently Franklyn wants to play back east (argos or cats) as that is where his girl-friend resides...he 'could' be headed there...and if that happens ...bad deal for the stamps...Bryant is on the down-side of his career...and with Rambo returning will give the stamps some depth...also if Jabari Arthur turns out to be anything close to his press clippings.....hmmmmm.. even if i take off my blue-coloured glasses...i can't for the life of me see how Calgary even came close to winning this trade... :roll: :roll:...yes i'll stick with my take.... cowboys got fleeced... :wink:

I stand to be corrected, but I think player personnel moves are the responsibility of Jim Barker in Calgary, not Hufnagel (although as head coach I'm sure he has input).

I'd say that pretty much nails it. But the Stamps 'were' deep at the positions they dealt away, so at the time, the move made sense.

...Huf is the GM, Barker only recommends player transactions, Huf still signs off on them...

...papa, if you felt my stating an opinion here was a 'rip', boy I could get a lot worse than that.....

....piggy, that depth is still there....IF Franklyn doesn't re-sign then yes it was a bad deal for us, a deal for the 'now', if he re-signs and we get Rambo back healthy (jury is still out on that) then it's a good deal still for both sides...

And I don't believe the intent was ever to keep both Franklin & Thelwell. Both are starting NI receivers, neither guy will be happy playing the back up role. If you keep one of the two, no harm no fowl.

...papa, if you felt my stating an opinion here was a 'rip', boy I could get a lot worse than that.....
......and hence your apology....orrrrrrr something like one if you thought we were offended :lol:

.....if Franklyn does hit the road...there goes a valuable ni receiver... don't expect us give Jabari back :wink: