Derrell "Mookie" Mitchell.

He was a name on the list of final cuts, for the Edmonton Eskimos.

He has established a lot in the CFL, and he has gotten older.

Would you guys think it be a bad move for the Als to grab him? Or would you want to?

I think the Als should. He is a veteran who help lead the receivers with Ben Cahoon, and in my opinion, from what I see, he was the Esks 2nd best receiver, was one of the most sure handed receivers in the West last season.

Hey, they've tried it with Vaughn two years ago: was it worth it ?

I would grab Mitchell in a heartbeat. And I hope Popp is on the phone trying to get him in an Als uniform.

I think it was.

Vaughn was worth talking too, but unfortunately, he thought he was worth more than he actually is.

On the other hand, Mitchell plays for the love of the game, and from what I’ve seen in his interviews, and read about him, the team comes first.

Players on the Eskimos and Argonauts all looked up to him, and like I said, I still feel he is one of the best receivers out there. Our receiving team isn’t all that great. Other teams obviously will be double covering Cahoon and Thurmon this year. But what if Mitchell came in? That would mean someone of those 3 will be open, or there is a lot of running room out there if they send linebackers to cover.

I hope Popp gives it a try.

I think the Als are missing a deep treat type of receiver. Mitchell is another possession type receiver like Cahoon and Watkins. Adding a guy like Mitchell will never hurt your team but the roster spot he would take might prevent from filling that deep treat type receiver. As far as the Als receiver not being great. You have 3 proven 1000 yard receivers and Bratton, Stala, Green and a couple others fighting for the 4th and 5th receiver job. I would be more concerned with the fact the Als have not found a speed back to complement Edwards.

I think Diedrick is good enough to fill the spot of the speed back.

If they can get Mitchell without busting the cap, then I would definitely give him a shot.

I mainly agree with this. We have too many possession receivers, what we need is a speed merchant to stretch opposing defences; here's hoping one of the new receivers who made the team fits that description.

But, seriously, Bratton and Green are rookies, and therefore cannot be considered to be "proven 1000 yard receivers" in the CFL.......I hope they will be, but currently they are not proven.

I also agree that a speed back would be a nice complement to Edwards, and Ryoon I disagree that Diedrick is that guy; I see him more as a straight ahead power runner much like Edwards.

The Argos just put Avery on the practice roster. If I were Popp, I'd try to sign Avery for cheap.

the 3 are Cahoon, Watkins and Thurmon

Ah, my apologies, I mis-read your post.

Oh yeah?

Okay. I thought Diedrick was a speedy guy. Everytime I saw him take the ball last season, he would bounce to the outside, rather than take the body. He also, ran the sweeps and screens. And returned kicks. But if he's not, I guess Montreal does need one, because I don't think Perry proved himself yet, even though he has a resume that qualifies him.

As for the receivers, I think Watkins can be a deep threat. Last year he wasn't consistent, but he has a lot of speed in him, and does have good hands. That's why I'd like to see Watkins and Thurmon run the patterns on the outside, and then see Cahoon and Mitchell run the inside.

But, that's just me.

I am not convinced that you are wrong there, Ryoon; I don’t know why they are listing Thurmon as a SB, where we don’t really need him what with Cahoon, Stala, and Green (hearing good things about him). Like you, I’d rather put him at WR.

No Sweat MadJack...I always enjoy your posts !

I think Stala is on the bubble. He had a rough time last year after his injury. Had an average camp and a poor game in Tornont where he dropped 3 of the 6 balls thrown at him. Stala needs to come out of the gate hard...

I don't know who, from Edwards or Perry will last the entire season, but I would bet "un p'tit deux" that mike Imoh will still be there ...