Dernière partie de saison régulière . Ottawa a Montreal

Ce vendredi sera la dernière partie de la saison régulière. Ottawa, particulièrement avec DeVonte Dedmon qui peut faire du trouble avec ses retours.

Montreal devra faire jouer ses meilleurs joueurs qui sont en santé. Pas le temps de substituer; pas trop de disponibilités, surtout au niveau de ligne offensive. Aucune raison de remplacer demi ou receveurs ou quart.


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Vernon Adams gives himself a 50-50 chance of being activated for the playoffs. He responded in the negative when asked to lift his left arm.

Herb Zurkowsky asked why the practice was so short. Khari Jones said it was a walk-through. Rest was more important.

Jones said there is a good chance Tony Washington will not play.

Geno Lewis sat out today due to minor injury. His status for Friday is to be determined.

When asked if Matt Shiltz is now the #3 QB, Jones said Shiltz is not fully healthy.

Jones is playing to win against Ottawa. Should he rest anybody, it would be because the player needs the break & he feels there is an adequate replacement.

Sean Jamieson might return this week.

Looks like Ottawa has taken OL Taylor Tappin (who signed 7 days ago) off Alouettes Practice Roster. Tappin originally signed with the Redblacks late in training camp and was among their final cuts.

Per Journal de Montreal ... Vernon Adams is unlikely to play again this season ... given that the article says he has barely started to move the arm I take that to include the playoffs ... although whatever slim chance exists slightly increases with every playoff game they win

Media asked Vernon Adams on Tuesday about his status because both Taku Lee and Chris Schleuger (who were both 6-gamed at the same time as Adams) returned to practice this week. Adams answered 50/50, but Khari Jones already said last week that Adams was done for the year.

I would assume that both Taku Lee and Chris Schleuger are options for the playoff roster.

Jones says today that Trevor Harris will play the whole game or until the game is decided.

LB Paul Kozachuk from 1-game Injured List
LB Reshard Cliett from Practice Roster
WR Dante Absher from 1-game Injured List
OL Sean Jamieson from 6-game Injured List

LB Tre Watson to 1-game Injured List
DL Jean-Samuel Blanc to 1-game Injured List
WR Geno Lewis to 1-game Injured List
OL Tony Washington to 1-game Injured List

Glad to see Jamieson drawing back in.

Must be frustrating for Lewis to be injured and miss the game. He is only 36 yards away from 1000.

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All he had to do was catch 2 of the 43 drops and misses.


Yeah I agree. He's been a good receiver for the most part this year. I grew to trust him the most.
I think he will be VG in playoffs working with Harris.

On rate un converti de deux points totalement inutile
On rate un converti de un point après le touché de Wieneke
On échappe dans la zone payante pour se faire marquer un toucher et un converti de deux points.

Je peux passer par-dessus la nonchalance dans la seconde demie si on avait récolté les deux points faciles. C'est pour ça qu'on a fait jouer nos partants, pour gagner. Maintenant ça n'a plus d'importance. Heureusement qu'on a pas eu de blessés.

Edit: deux fois Ottawa à marqué un touché suite à un revirement, deux fois suite à un échappé d'Antwi. Faut vraiment le faire.

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That was the Als first-team defense out there. On offense, only Geno Lewis and a wounded Tony Washington sat out the game. Even considering the fact that William Standback sat out 3 quarters, nobody takes seriously a team that had to win, who played at home, but ends up losing to someone whose record was 2-11.


Not a great reflection on Khari, I have to say. I don't blame the defense. You hold a team to under 20 points, you should win most games. 18 miserable points at home, in a game that had actual playoff implications? Bah.


The good news is that Hamilton looks every bit as vulnerable as we do, so even though we're playing on the road, we have a very real chance at winning. But that will require Jones stepping up the playcalling and the team as a whole cleaning up unforced errors.

Hamilton has the option to rest some of their players today if they so choose.

Really not happy with everything around yesterday's game. The guy who is probably pissed the most is the old dude in Burlington who this little shit show cost him the chance at 500k home playoff game and stuffed the hardcore paying fans with another home loss.

This was not the game to make "experiments". Will a reporter ask WTF Cameron-Payne disappeared to ?

If your game plan is built around running the ball, you need two top-notch backs dressed. I like Antwi but he ain't ready to carry a team. He just isn't, so Jones chose to field Antwi and five import receivers instead of fielding one Canadian receiver. I also don't believe Stanback is hurt, he looked fine walking the sidelines, it was planned that he would just keep the rust off and kept fresh for next week. In the off-season when Julien-Grant signs with Toronto or Hamilton and puts up 800 yards better not be any crying...

Jones did not look very comfortable in his post-game interview and he shouldn't. He didn't fumble those balls but he chose to "experiment" with a home playoff game on the line. At worst it forces Hamilton to play to win today.

At least the ugly discipline issue has not shown its ugly head for two consecutive games. That's a plus.

Last observation, Foucault looks insanely out of shape. Looks like he's going to keel over in the huddle.

So they are off to Hamilton next week that is playing to host the GC this year and I expect the Als season will come to an abrupt end.

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What more can be said about this game? A shameful loss by the Alouettes!


i wonder what 'The experiments' were''?
i just think that they were way overconfident in the 2nd half. Certainly they never really looked like they could lose this one. Too bad.

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You can impune the team if you want and think what you will. My eyes saw everybody play well all four quarters, even Bray had his best game of the season. Harris was perfect. Coté made his 44 and 47 yard field goals. Except for Antwi a rookie who had never had more than a handful of carries. He played poorly, all game long he carried the rock like it was a loaf of bread even after his first fumble. His two fumbles led to 11 of Ottawa's 19 points and were the reason why the Als lost. Nothing else.

The 2 fumbles by Antwi did lead to 16 points by Ottawa and not 11. The main reason why the Alouettes lost.


Thanks Richard, It was two TD's...

Watching the Hamilton game. They have White and Jackson dressed and Sean Thomas Erlington. Yet Montreal refuses to dress two American backs in spite of their offense resting on the running game...Meanwhile running the ball is an afterthought for Hamilton but they dress two.

Can someone explain to me why/how Artis-Payne has become persona non grata this season? Why are we not using him? I'm legitimately confused.