Derek Dennis asks Elks for trade or release

Dennis signed with the Elks in January before the team signed offensive lineman SirVincent Rogers.

"I regret signing with Edmonton now I gotta deal with this BS!" Dennis tweeted Monday night.

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…who’s giving this guy advice? Up and quit because there’s competition at camp? Princess behaviour…

A) compete and win your spot, in fact use this as motivation,
B) if that doesn’t happen THEN look for a way out, O-linemen are a valuable commodity

…just seems awfully rash to quit and complain publicly


He was flipping out when Craig Dickenson said there'd be vets losing jobs because they came into camp out of shape. He isn't even a Rider.

If a vet isn't in football shape, a coach can't ethically put them on the field to risk significant injury. Don't see what the issue was with Craig's comment other than a guy thinking he deserves a roster spot because of something he did 4 or 5 years ago


Justin Dunk says Derek Dennis wants to end up with the Riders.

Ya signed a contract, Fatman. Shut up and honor it

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Derek Dennis probably only plays if the Elks and Riders agree to a deal.