derek armstrong

Jut announced on CJOB, the bombers signed derek armstrong. former 1000 yard reciever from saskatchewan, been playing with texas the last 3 years.

stegal, armstrong, cavil, stoddard and mccord once everyones healthy. looking very nice, now if the offensive line ould just stop getting injured and start getting healthy.

ya he will be good.

now all you guys need is a quarterback thats good enough to throw to him :lol: :lol:

The Armstrong signing is a good one two more to go! Cavil and McCord still not good enough IMO. But hey Armstrong wil be another guy Glenn can go too!

our QB's 6-4 as a starter, whats urs?

...Derek Armstrong.....hmmmmm...I guess that will turn the Riders a little more green.......with envy lol...This guy could make Nealon Greene look like a star qb. ...hope he's in the line-up real soon... :thup: :rockin:

Yah Derek Armstrong was a good receiver for the year he played with us, i would be lying if i said i wasnt a little bit jealous, although u have many receivers on the roster i think by adding armstrong u now have two dependable receivers just a matter of Glenns capabilities as a QB

...i hope Derek continues on where he left off with the Riders...i remember him going up and grabbing some pretty poorly thrown balls...making the qb. look good....Armstrong has a lot of talent and could work real well with Milt....oh yeah.....i like the look of that already... :wink: :rockin: