Derek armstrong might land with bc lions

just read this article says he is talking with the lions.

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Smart pick-up for the Lions. Shivers made a good decision.

It's already being reported that he signed.

yes i see that thnaks, i remember we got all this hyped up when the lions got charles roberts and he did not realy do much and got hurt to. i hope this time it works out.

We certainly are strong on reciever, now to get a RB that won’t get snapped up a year later by the NFL…

Yes we are very strong at recivers, i think if jamel lee can get going as a RB we will be outstanding, and he has alreadY taken his shot at the NFL.

I hope he does well for BC you bunch of luckies.

Excellent receiver no question, good pickup for the Leos.

Running backs coming out of the States are a dime a dozen, but the issue is can you get the one(s) you want to come up here and play? Prototypical rb's for the CFL, Reynolds, Coburne, Cobb, Robertson, these types.