Depths Chart for Thusday

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the names are listed by position alphabetically

not as starters and back ups or
first unit and second unit.

ON Offence

I see NI Centre # 53 Gagne-Marcoux,
will get reps playing Right Tackle.

On Defence

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Good idea by Coach Taaffe to leave some of the Ticat veterans at home and utilize more rookies in the first pre-season game in Winnipeg. By giving these newer players a fair number of reps in game number one, it should facilitate the evaluation process for the coaching staff.

I guess Hage is a lock at centre since he is the only one listed.

It does appear that evaluating what the rookies and less experienced players can do is the priority for this game. Next week, we can expect to see more of the starters as the team, with all its new players, may look to "gel together" if you will, before the regular season begins. And the fans at IWS might rather see the players who'll be more likely to win the game for them, so that seems to work out well. Next week, we see more of the starters. This week, we get a better idea of who those starters may be.

Hitchcock, Maas, Lumsden, Morreale, Hudson, Butler, and Dunbrack are not going to make the trip to Winnipeg. Also missing from the depth chart are Ralph, Radlein, and Cody, and perhaps a few that I might have missed. I know that in the cases of Cody and Lumsden, they could not make it even if the coaches wanted them there. But in any case, this gives the rookies a chance to show what they can do. This is their opportunity. And this will help the coaches decide on who stays and who goes.

Well, not necessarily. The depth chart rationale may only be that the main position the player is expected to play is listed.

Having too many names overlapping on a preseason depth chart could be confusing for some.

I would not be surprised if Gagne-Marcoux sees some reps at center given that is his natural position.

I would read into the Jermaine Reid-at-DT listing in the same way. He might very well get reps at DE.

Oski Wee Wee,

Another interesting decision is that Glavic is listed as an outside linebacker but has traditionaly played safety. With the abundance of non-import safties this might be his only way of staying on the team.

Looks like Shaw has been left at home too.


Ron, Gagne-Marcoux is listed as right guard (not tackle). If I recall this is also the way Hage broke in (splitting time at right guard his first couple of years). I agree with Russ and suspect Gagne-Marcoux will see some reps at centre as well. The centre QB’s the entire o-line, and the coaching staff may want to get Gagne-Marcoux some reps in an actual game without the added burden of calling blocking schemes etc…