Depth charts vrs WPG

What happened to Brooks? Did I miss something?

Apparently he got nicked up and injured in the 2nd half of the Stamp game . Nothing too serious according to Coach O . He’ll probably most likely will be back for our tilt with the Melon Heads next week .

Thanks. I had forgotten that from the game thread. Old timer’s disease strikes again. :o

Hmmm ? Now we are starting 9 Nationals over the minimum 7 required. It shows you that we should have had an import running back like Tyrell Sutton ready to go and start and a good import Wil linebacker available to start despite Chris Frey’s injury. At the very least I’d go with all 5 import receivers and start Tucker over Mike Jones. I guess starting all these nationals would allow us to plug in an import like Dean at DT if Laurent had an in game injury.
I would have started Beverette over Shorthil to see what we have in him. i hope Beverette, Dean , and Tucker all dress and get some playing time.

I feel we are putting alot of pressure on Maleek Irons starting him especially against WPG. Hopefully they dress Cam Marshall next week or bring back Lawry or sign Tyrell Sutton to ease Maleek into the position .
I’d split time between Beverette and Shorthill at Wil to keep them fresh and see who plays better

I’d also rotate Dean, Laurent and Wynn at DT to keep them fresh and get a longer look at Dean as he looked good despite penalties.

It’s a shame that Erlington, Brooks and Chris Frey are injured.

This game is a good test to see if we are contenders or pretenders. I imagine WPG will test Shorthill and Frankie Williams and Leonard all night. they will run Andrew Harris to the wide side alot testing Tracy, Rico, Tuggle and Rolle, Leonard…This is where the ALS Stanback succeeded for 200 yards.
I hope Tuggle starts to make some plays.Frey was just about ready to replace Tuggle in the middle before his long term injury.

With no Simoni, Brooks , Erlington and Frey and with our weak strong side run Defence I hate to say I give tge edge to the Bombers .
I hope I am wrong.

From where I stand , Shorthill, Mike Jones, Tuggle, Leonard, and Irons should not be starting.

in about 5 games, I predict Leonard , Tuggle, Irons and Mike Jones will no longer be starting and it will be two games before Simoni is back starting over Shorthill.

Watch for Frankie Williams or Tevin Mitchel replacing Leonard , Ungerer or Tucker replacing Mike Jones, Cam Marshall or Sutton sharing reps with Irons and maybe Bear Woods, Beverette or other replacing Tuggle.

Gentleben, do you even read the depth charts or the rosters? About four of your proposed starters are not even on the roster. Are you suggesting they can all be signed and brought up to game readiness coming up to mid-season? And, as has been asked, who do you cut for roster room and cap space?

In practically every post you have to mention that Mike Jones should be replaced for another starter.

Last year Jones managed to go 800+ yards as the field-side WR. Not to shabby. What more do you want from him? ???

Gerbear does have a hate on for Jones . Spock would call it illogical. ::slight_smile:

Pat Lynch( the old person)

Spock’s not the only one.

Leonard has played very well this year, he deserves to play. Jones is basically a decoy, but yeah Id rather see someone else out there. Irons is getting better each game.

Hey Gerry Kretschmer, you always “predict” this and that. Have ANY of your “predictions” ever come to fruition? I’m still waiting for Wilder to show up and be the starting running back…lol. As far as I can tell Gerry, you’re AFI.

Once again a very tough crowd.
I bleed Black and Gold and want what is best for the Ticats. Yes, I am hard on Mike Jones. The only reason he had so many yards last year was because of all the injuries to Saunders, Banks, Tasker, Tolliver, and Chris Williams. In many games he was one of two receivers that knew the offence well hence more passes came his way. The point I make is that his ratio of catches to passes thrown to him was very poor because of dropped passes, lack of seperation from the DB, poor route running and being out of synch with Masoli or running the wrong route or not reading the defence properly. Mike Jones has great straight away speed and he has improved his catching skills after one going off his helmet and losing another in the sun…both would have been easy td’s. He is an ok national receiver but we can do better by using an import especially when we are starting 9 nationals. A few weeks ago he had 5 passes thrown to him with one reception. This is not a good stat. His hands are not great, and he is not very good at coming back to the QB and gaining seperation from the DB on broken plays. He is not elusive or very athleric and does not produce many YAC yards.
I will say he is an OK national receiver. I can see Ungerer taking the national starting receiver spot before the season ends. If Tuggle is non existant and out of position and not making plays against WPG…the cats should start looking for a replacement as he has been a dud the first 5 games of the season and was OK laat year in Toronto. Leonard had a horrible year last year at halfback and his tackling was poor versus Stanback at Montreal. He has not been as bad this year but he is our weakest DB and is constantly targeted by the opposition. I just think we can do better at these positions. I also feel strongly that we should be going with an import RB as Irons should be eased into the position. My feeling is that Irons will struggle versus WPG’s solid run defence lead by Adam Bighill. I think we should be looking for a new middle linebacker with Chris Frey out for the season and we could use a good import RB to dress to share the load with Irons. My guess is that Caneron Marshall will dress next game and get some carries. I think that Shorthil is not a starting Wil linebacker in the CFL and they will exploit him and they will throw Beverette in there by half time.
I think Tevin Mitchell is an excellent hard hitting DB and Frankie Williams has improved immensely at DB and has great speed and is a big play guy. I think both of these guys are an upgrade over Leonard.
Let’s watch the WPG offence closely…they will send Andrew Harris to the wide side often where Stanback ran for 200 yards …They will also test Shorthill on runs and passes.
Nik Demski is a great inside receiver and they have a new speedy slotback and they both will be testing Leonard often.

I am a die hard fan and hope these players surprise me and prove me wrong much like Tracy has done this year and how great Erlington played as a national RB starter.

I think we have a shot at a Grey Cup win this year but we might have to make a few tweaks as mentioned above to strengthen our team.

These are my observations and ideas.

  1. Shorthill has been the backup at Will since he has been traded here for Plesius. He is bigger than Beverette and deserves a chance at starting.

  2. We are going to continue to go National at tailback, because we have the depth there. Drafting Irons, signing Coombs and converting Bennett gave us the depth when STE went down. Give Irons more carries and don’t wait till the 4th quarter like last game.

  3. They have already been rotating Laurent, Wynn and Dean. That’s what teams do, they rotate their defensive lineman.

  4. Stop bashing the team for starting 9 Canadians. Other teams like Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and BC have started more than the minimum in one game or another. The only Canadians that have struggled are Boyko and Foucault in BC, who are guards. If BC needs Canadian tackles put Steward at LT and Knevel at RT.

Lmao. The reason he had so many yards last year was because they threw him the ball & he caught it. Bottom line is, you have NO idea whether he has poor route running, is out of synch with Masoli, running the wrong route or reading the defence properly unless you know what the play calls are & what Masoli’s reads are.

If you are seriously saying that Steinauer, who is one of the more cerebral coaches in the league, would keep Jones in a starting role when he’s making all these errors you allege he is making (especially when we’re starting more than the required number of nationals), you have even less credibility than I originally thought. And I didn’t think that was possible.

  1. Wow GentleBen, I was really looking forward to going to a great game tonight, but after
    reading your long description of all the problem and inadequate players we have, you have
    got me really depressed about this team !! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Now I’m not even sure I want to go tonight, because of this depression >:( :wink:

8)Holy. This guy sucks at football.

You just described every attribute a receiver needs and Mike Jones apparantly can’t do any of it.

Maybe both June Jones and Orlondo are delusional for playing this guy. ;D

Sorry everybody is trashing you G-Ben, but in the loss to Montreal, Leonard led the team with 6 tackles and Tuggle had 5 … 3 of them on Stanback. If those two guys suck and shouldn’t have been there, Stanback would you got 300 yards and the Cats would have lost by 20+.

I hear ya Tipper . Kinda makes me want to time travel back a few years to happier times when we were sitting at an 0 - 5 record and everything was hunky dory with this team with nary a problem to speak of . ::)Oh well , like you I guess I’ll just have to put my depression on hold , drag myself out to the game tonight and try to enjoy myself watching this sad sorry excuse of a team that we have been saddled with this year . 8)

I learned something from GB’s posts and the various responses. But the depth chart doesn’t always mean that much, especially when there are 9 Canadian starters. It is possible we may see Tucker in for Jones a lot. Or maybe Palmer in as a 6th lineman. As other posters have said, with extra Canadians, more flexibility and more ways to surprise the other team.