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#Ticats add DE Adrian Tracy & K/P @huuugh18 to roster vs. #Bombers. DE Scott, DT Nevis off. Decide to stick with Ed Gainey at CB. #CFL

So does the "Beard" dress or not ? my guess is yes with 4th string MLB O'Mara being scratched as the Canadian and Lewis again as the import scratch. It'll be interesting to see also how Tracey does in his first start at D-End as well this game.Other than that the roster looks pretty much status quo as last game. If O'Neill ends up not dressing then you have to think it was just a clever maneuver by Austin to prevent the Blew team from claiming and activating him as a replacement for Waters. I'm thinking that O'Neill handles the punting chores and leaves the place kicking to Medlock this game though. It should be very interesting to see how Austin finalizes his official game day 44 for this tilt in game #2 of the season.

I think Drew was reporting that Lewis was taking First-Team reps along with Simmons. I don't think he was very happy with the O-line's play vs Calgary...

Hickman and Tracey on the edges... me like :rockin:


I'm glad they're giving Ed Gainey a second chance. He did make a few good plays in Cowtown. His failures were more numerous, but everyone deserves to show if they've learned from their mistakes. Besides, they would likely have to replace him with a (CFL) rookie - Washington - which would be a greater risk in my opinion.

Gainey I think did a decent job but the wr made some incredible catches .

He's was pretty much step for step with Fuller just timed it wrong. I'm with you let him play.

5 sacks for the dline.

Sleep well men! For tomorrow night they dine in hell!!!

I'm not to worried about how Gainey played in that game. My guess is that he won't be the last db to get burned by Mr.Fuller this season. Fuller is the real deal and made some incredible grabs in that game,he could very well end up to be the best receiver in the league this year. Let's give credit where credit is due and remember that Gainey has got big shoes to fill replacing Breaux, who if here most likely would have a hard time himself that game defending Fuller. IMO Gainey will be fine as a starter this season. Last year I loved when we picked him up from the Als and 1 game hasn't changed my opinion of him this year.

I'm going with Langa as the Canadian scratch. For the three draft pick linebackers on the roster it will come down to special teams play, not where they are on the depth chart. I think Omara will win out over Langa, plus Langa took an unnecessary roughness penalty on a kick return against Calgary that Austin didn't seem to be too impressed about.

Is there no coverage on radio or TV at all for tonight's game?

Never mind. I'm a day ahead of myself.

Don't worry EndZone, I live in NZ. I'm always a day ahead. :slight_smile:

I think the offense will get back on track tonight and the "D" should shut down the Bombers. Sask ran up 500 yards of offense against them. With the strong return game, the offense clicking and the defense stopping the run it will be a big Ticat win.

total agreement Mr Bobo

Hello kiwi

How do you watch the games on satellite or through internet?

The answer to that Ryan3434 is I *%$'ing don't. I don't have an option I'm aware of. I've asked on other posts for a solution, but none have come forward. We've been locked out Internationaly since there was the TSN INSYNC live options were available a few years ago. Radio live and highligts are all I get. FRUSTRATION! :cry:

Anyway to do an endaround for this? I'd appreciate it. But most importantly, Argos still suck, and GO 'Cats! :rockin:

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Well that sucks. Sorry dude, hopefully someone can help you