Depth Charts for Sunday's Game

Only two changes to the roster from last week. Donald Brown and Brady Browne are off and Bernard Hicks and Chris Smith are on. Chris Smith will be backing up Ian Logan while if the chart indicates defensive starters it looks like Kent will start over Hicks.

For the Argos, they have Shannon Boatman replacing Rob Murphy at left tackle. He's played right tackle when he's been in the line-up this season so he may be vulnerable playing on the left side. Jeff Keeping will be starting over Cedric Gagne-Marcoux again this week. Jermaine Copeland's listed as a starter so their receiving corps have been upgraded with his return. Ricky Foley is listed as a back-up to Ronald Flemons and Justin Medlock is the kicker. Of course the biggest change is Cory Boyd not playing.

....let's hope Boatman will spring a leak for the boatmen ,at left tackle and sink these guys......(sorry blueblood, couldn't resist) :lol:...We look fairly if we can stay that way....that'll be a win itself.. :wink:

No apologies necessary. When I saw Boatman listed on the Argos PR last season I thought he had the perfect name for an Argo. So many possibilities for fun comments (good and bad). :lol:

Ir we play like last week, we'll make him look like he's rudderless. Sorry, couldn't help it. My two boys are going with two friends. The skydump is not my favourite place, so I'm holding down the fort. It also seems that when I'm in that stadium, the Bombers lose. So I'm staying away for the team!

bought a new bomber hat before last weeks game with the Riders ... it worked seriously the BBs really need this win badly. Toronto is ripe for the picking right now. No Boyd changes on the oline. Will be really interested to see if the D can keep up the intensity on the road .. in the cavernous skydoom. Also very curious to see how the offense will deal with what I think id the most underrated D in the league in Torontos. I see a nailbiter