Depth Chart

As of today, the defensive secondary as per the Als’ depth chart looks radically different:

It shows Crutchfield on one corner, Malveaux on the other, Karikari at safety, and Curry and Durden at HB; any idea what Matthews’ thinking is having Malveaux and Curry essentially switch positions??

We have talked about an overcrowded secondary and an overcrowded offensive backfield, but how about the receiving corps?

We’ve got Cavil, Cahoon, Vaughn, McDonald, Wilson, Girard, Stala, Watkins, Gilligan, plus some new ones they’re high on like Eckert; who stays, who goes?

I too am surprised by the new depth chart. But obviously Matthews is confident that Malveaux can get it done at cornerback. My feeling is that the Don knows that Curry is a better cover man than Malveaux, so he wants him at the inside halfback spot, which receives more looks from QBs in the CFL than the weak-side receiver spot.

But don’t forget that the depth chart on the Als’ official site is provisional. Nothing is set in stone until camp is over.

As for receiver, I laugh at people who think we’re somehow depleted at the position because we lost Copeland and Anderson. Just look at all that talent; it’s an embarrasment of riches. Cahoon and Cavil are locks at slotback. Vaughn seems like he’d be a perfect fit for an inside slot position in a five-receiver set (he’s a little small for wide receiver). That leaves Stala, Girard, Watkins, Gilligan, McDonald and Wilson fighting for the two WR spots. Tough call. If McDonald can perform the way he did in Calgary in 2003, he should get the nod, and I can’t see Sylvain Girard losing his starting job after the season he had last year. But Matthews seems really high on Gilligan and Watkins because of their speed and route-running, so it’s a toss-up. Personally, I’d go with people like Stala and McDonald who are taller and bigger than the DBs covering them but that’s just me.

After reading the Gazette. It doesn’t look good for Darnell McDonald. It seems that Matthews is going for Watkins and Gilligan.

I cant wait too see what this Running Back Rodgers is made of on Thursday Night. A NFL First Round, must be pretty damn good. We will rock this year, totally. We got the best team we had in the past 5 years.

The Gazette says the Als will try to trade McDonald if they can.
And who is this Rodgers?

Anyway overall, this looks like a very deep Als team, Popp has done it again!

Roger Edwards… He was with the Patriots and had a wonderful rookie year (gained something like 1300 yards). But then, he got seriously injured and hasn’t played for the last two years. Is he still the man he was before? Time will tell.

As for the DBs, where is Withfield in the depth chart?

Whitley and Sejour are also highly thought of in the secondary and then Dorvelus and Proulx also.

I assume you guys mean Robert Edwards?
He missed a few days for a funeral and then he was hurt, hamstring or something, no?