Depth Chart

Ok, I'l say it...I'm worried about depth at LB. I think the solution is to get another starting n/i on the O Line.

I am more worried about our defensice backfield .

Let's hope Thomas and Young are pleasant surprises and that Shivers shows like he did with the Argos ....
Hinds is ok let's hope he continues to improve ..Dennis is likely the best of the bunch....scared to think what calvilo could do that backfield .....

i also hope our 2 new dt's are pleasant suprises ...but i doubt it ..

i am concerned about the depth on the team too accross the board ...with the import receiver , inport RB and import O tackle being the only excpeptions .

depth at non import receiver , DB's , LB's , D LINE IS VERY THIN ..

can u imagine if Knowlton or Williams and Baggs goes down ...ouch ...I think Denison can replace JJ but not the others ,,

I’m worried about stopping the running game.There were huge holes between the ends in the pre-season. No push up the middle means lots of time to complete passes. I hope I’m wrong but I’ve got a bad feeling about the front four.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Does your worry carry over from last year?
The depth behind the starting three last year -- Hood and Y. Carter (both still there), Barrenechea (on O now, but could still cross over in a pinch), and Mariuz. James was on Reserve. Now, Kanya is in for Auggie, Jones for Mariuz. Jones or Hood, I expect, will be a Reserve but, if you count Barrenechea, there will be four back-up LBs dressed. Same number as last year.

O hell no now you guy's got me worried. I was feeling good up till now. :?

Yeah me too.

The last pre-season game saw huge holes open up for the running game against our first stringers. Big enough so that my grandmother could gain a few yards running up the middle!


..............Really? Is there anything else you want to worry about it?

I'm not worried about the run game but more so about the interior of the line and our d-backs

the more I look at are squad and look at others teams rosters, the more I'm getting worried. It's probably just me over analyzing things, we all have been waiting for this game since last November lets remember, that's a long time to be thinking about one game

but we all just have to wait until tomorrow night when our Ti-Cat's get the chance to silence all the critics...well lets hope they silence them

i have faith that we will all be silenced after tomorrow night's game

I'm really very very worried about Glen getting hurt, then were really FFFFFu, screwed. :frowning:

Well, the good news in all this is that nobody seems to be worried about our offence. So maybe we just go with the early '80s Edmonton Oilers philosophy - if your offence can rack up enough points, you can forget about defence.

Not sure I like that approach either. But I'm not going to let it bother me until I see our defence fail. It's still possible that our front seven will provide the pressure that Chamblin is looking for, and that that will cut the time the DBs have to cover their receivers. [fingers crossed]

Just wait we'll come up with something.


Worried about it all.

Without an injury I like our chances with the players suiting up. I'd feel better if the game roster increased at least two players, preferably four.

Im really worried about the cost of food and water is now $4.50 a bottle. Im also worried about getting a disease of the water fountains, have you seen them, there worse then last year! :roll: As far as the team im not worries one bit!

I'm So Worried
by Monty Python


I'm worried the beer won't be cold enough, and the lines too long.

Not sure if we were assuming that Simmons beat out B. Johnson to start at tackle or that it was reported by someone as that.
But, that's not really the case:

Is it the ratio or some other reason why C. Williams is not returning kicks with Thiggy?

Ratio. It basically comes down to which one of these three do you want dressed -- C.Williams, T. Grant, or Thigpen.