Depth Chart

Biggest surprise: Ryan Hinds comes off the 9 game IR to be penciled in as a DB backup. Even if he's scratched this means his at least on the active roster now.

A possibility that DT Jeremy Gibbs might dress too. From the published chart, 1 NIP and 3 IMPs will have to be named Reserves --the NIP will, almost certainly, be DeWit and the IMPs will be 3 of these 4: Long, Smith, James, Gibbs.

Like Ryan Hinds, IMP LB James Hargrave was put on the 9-game Injured List at the start of the season and, since he hasn't been added to the 46-man Roster, he'll today have to be renewed on the 9-Game Injured List for the remainder of the season, moved to the 1-Game Injured List, the PR, or released. Since his status is, so far, unchanged on the Roster listing, I expect the plan is to leave him where he is.

Looking forward to seeing Hinds get his chance. He may be getting it earlier than planned due to the Wladichuk and Bradley injuries and Bo Smith being not yet willing to give up on his NFL dream.

I was wrong. Late day update shows he's been put on the 1-game Injury List.:

I was wrong on this too! They've decided to sit Ike Brown instead of Long or James, who'll both dress as backups. Dressing an extra DL is perhaps to run a rotation of rushers in hopes of really getting the face of the less experienced QB. Late rumour though is that Calvillo may play.