Depth Chart

The Depth Chart is out for tomorrow's game. No surprises. We will miss Beverage on Special Teams.

I"ve never started a Depth Chart thread before but felt the board could use a non-stadium discussion.

There's one surprise: James is backing up Thigpen and McDaniel at kick returner.

Bradley isn't even dressing...
That's a pretty big surprise to me, from what ive heard hes healthy now.

That's weird since they said he was stepping in for Dennis who was visiting his wife and child. A concussion is tricky though. He could have been fine and now maybe he's suffering the effects of it again. I hope not.

James? He was cut..

Why are some names not in black, ie Barker, Thigpen, Beswick, and Dyakowski!

if they are yellow this meens you hav clicked on them from that page

They all have yellow background, im talking about the writing of there names.

yea i know, if you click on there name to see there bio, there name will also turn yellow

Wladichuk is a beast on special teams......just watch.

pumped to see barker strut his stuff! people will see he likes to hit more than sandy did.....

i remember last year when he started those 4 games during the end of the season, he laid a few big hits

really excited to see our #1 draft pick get his chance :smiley:

It'll be interesting to see who the last of the "unchosen" four (Reserve) will be tonight. From the depth chart, 3 NIPS and 1 IMP won't dress. IMP will be Jonathon Hood or Shannon James and two of the NIPS will be Jermaine Reid and Mark DeWit. The third will have to be one of Fournier, Ramsay, Nicolson, or Hudson.