Depth Chart

maybe its just my computer, but when i click on QB nothing comes up

starting recievers are Rodriguez, Davis, McDaniel, Currie

John Williams is starting at FB

Caulley and smith of course at RB

no surprises on the O-line

Long and Hickman the 2 starting ends

Kirk getting the start over Reid

Knowlton(backed up by Cody Williams? :?) Haley gets the start at MLB, Floyd also at the outside

Gordon gets the start at corner

Beveridge starting at Safety

kick and punt returners are smith and caulley

I really like that Haley is getting the start at Middle LB. That guy showed a lot in pre-season. Seems like a very physical guy. Perfect for a Ticat MLB.

John Williams starting at FB is an interesting move. Most FB are at least 25-30 pounds heavier than he is.

Currie at strong side WR should give the O true field stretching ability with his speed. Davis in the middle will be great for long and short passes. We all know what Preche can do. I'm also pretty stoked on our starting OL. If they can block well as a unit this year combined with the speed we have at receiver... man oh man!

I find it weird that caully will be returning kicks since we brought so many people in to do that and he's the starting running back. Also interesting that unless I'm reading it wrong Jykene Bradley is backing up Bo Smith when he was basically the best corner we had last year and certanily better than the two starting now.

Obviously Gordon and Smith had a better camp than Bradley. Every athlete has highs and lows.


Any idea why Beveridge is starting over BARKER .....Letting Barker ease into it ?

Also ..BRADLEY puts fear in the opposition and we need him in there ....

overall i am happy with the 2 new DE's although I prefered Mcfadden ,,,
I am very happy they are giving Haley a shot a MLB

I'd liek to see MACE in there at DT

The recievers look decent ..I hope they use PRESCHE for a few jump balls ...Mitchell was decent but not poliched we hava alot of speed in Davis and Currie ..Mcdaniel looks decent too

No qb choice yet i guess, i didnt see david ball anywhere

8) They are not announcing the starting QB until just prior to the game, according to Marcel !!!
8) Starting QB will be announced just prior to the game (to keep the Argos guessing).
  David Ball is on the Injury Reserve List.

Depth chart looks alright.

A couple of interesting notes, some that have already been noticed:

No real surprises on the O-Line, stacked with mostly Non-Imports.

QBs not listed yet, must be keeping this a surprise. We all know which 3 will be listed, but the order is still uncertain. I think Porter will start.

What appears to be an improved group of receivers, but still unproven. All starters are imports. All non-starters listed as slots, but that doesn't mean much. I think James played well enough to start and may still see some time on the field. If Davis goes off-side again, I expect he will be sitting. Interesting to see Bauman is way down the list. This may or may not mean anything other than he is not starting.

No surprises for the RBs.

John Williams at FB without any training camp. Seems sort of weird, but he may not see much action, and I guess he is better than the others Canadians we have.

D-Line also has few surprises. It appears that only one Canadian will be on the line. We need Long, Hickman, and McIntyre to come up big.

A little surprised to see Gordan starting on the corner. I thought Smith and Bradley would start. At least we have a backup if one of these guys doesn't play well.

Interesting to see Haley start at MLB. He is the quarterback of the defense and has no CFL experience. No Canadians listed as starters. Seven guys listed, so plenty of room to switch out anyone who is not performing well.

DBs (half backs) look good.

A little surprise to have Beveridge start over Barker at Safety. I like the fact that this does give us some more experience in the middle of the field.

I had heard that Tre Smith would be returning punts and kicks. It appears that no one made a good impression in the pre-season. I hope Tre can return to form from last year when he was healthy. He would always catch the ball and make good gains by going up the field.

One general thing to note about the depth chart that I think is good. We have positioned ourselves with Canadians in more traditional roles and in most cases with back ups. This should help in the long run with keeping the import numbers on the field under control.


8) Not sure if I like the idea of our best and starting RB (Caulley) returning punts especially.
   An injury to him at this point would not be a good scenario.

   I'd rather see one of our speedy wide receivers returning punts at this point in time  !!!

Chris Bauman may be the 5th receiver when there is no full back on the field.

I cant believe Bradley is backing up Bo Smith...
The only thing i can think of is he might not be 100 %

Dave Stala mightbe the 5th reciever until Baumann really shows he has become a starter

I might have been tempted, if only for ratio reasons, to sit Chris Davis..............and let Stala and/or Bauman start. Maybe....

As well as our 4 starting Canadian O-linemen
we will start one other Canadian on Offence

Our depth chart shows a fullback and only 4 receivers

FBs in the CFL get only a handful of plays.

When our fullback isn't on the field,
another Canadian has to come in,

meaning we will see a lot more of
Dave Stala and/or Chris Bauman than

John Williams and/or Andre Sadeghian.

that is, ever time we are in 5 receiver sets.

If you are going to sit an import slotback to make room for Stala or Bauman, I think the guy you sit is MarQuay McDaniel, if you ask me.

  • paul

Kirk with Reid at DT doesn't look solid to me, our DLine still needs help after all that.

8) How can you come to that assumption about Kirk, when you haven't even seen him play as a starter in the CFL ????? :roll:
 Give him a couple of games at least before you pass judgement on the guy  !!!!!!

Even if Kirk is adequate, he's apparently better than Reid, and him starting means the Cats get another Import somewhere else. In this case, I'd think that Kirk is less of a liability at DT than Mariuz is at LB. Kirk starting means that Floyd and Haley get to start instead of replacing one of them with one of Marius or Barrenechea. Hopefully we will be treated to linebackers making some big plays this year, instead of tackling people post 1st down.

Hear hear !!