Depth Chart

I do miss the old interactive depth chart....oh well!

I see that Terry Caulley is back in the line-up backing up Tre Smith.

Also Prechae Rodriguez is listed as a starting wideout.

New long snapper to replace Matt that I have never heard of.

Lots of change!

We should not underestimate the importance of Craigg's addition as the long snapper. Setta and Robichaud (with Chang as the holder) have had a pretty good chemistry so far. We will need a good stretch by Craigg until Matt can recover fully from his injury.

Oski Wee Wee,

Depth Chart

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We might see Tony Miles or Pat Woodcock
share Tre's kick and/or punt returning.

Tre Smith and these guys are all starters.

They will need a breather once in a while.

I am excited to see how Prechea does.

hopefully bauman can have another great game.

P-Rod must be showing some talent at practice. Looking foreword to watching him play.

Surprised to see Rodriquez pop up. I thought he was long gone. I think Tre and Terry will share the reps tomorrow.

I don't really like Miles or Woodcock returning punts, not because i think they are no good, its just i dont want to see either or them getting injured. Why not let Cohen continue..

I'm surprised Rodriguez is still here, they're either starting him because he's showing some things or they're desperate. I'd rather see action Jackson start.

Rodriguez is tall and fast, but is he a baller? If he wanted to he could absolutely dominate in this league and the NFL. I don't want to see another soft tall receiver like Cavil out there.

Charlie stated out of camp the Rodriguez is a project who needs some time.

If you notice Earnest Jackson is not on the cats roster.