Depth Chart

They are practicing him at DE where he belongs IMO.

Maybe the als should go with 4 athletic linebackers and 3 linesmen.

I don't understand why they are having such a hard time finding an import who can play MLB.

A very valid point, HfxTC, I had not thought of it that way, but you're right.

And I agree that Ellis is better suited to DE than MLB, so glad to see him working out at that spot. Whatever we can do to upgrade our pass rush is welcome.

On your other point, I personally have never been a fan of a 3/4 defence, but if you have the personnel to run it (and don't have the personnel to run an effective 4/3), then it makes sense. So maybe that is something we should be looking at this year.

If they haven’t gone to a 3-4 by now, it’s a bit too late IMO to make the switch with the regular season set to start next week. I too am happier seeing Ellis DE where we do need help, but that MLB spot is really worrying me. We are going to have problems stopping the run until that position is solidified.

We don't know. I doubt very much the Als are going to show anything in a pre-season game. The quantity of LB makes me curious...