Depth Chart

Looking at the Als' depth chart as of Day 10, a few random thoughts:

  1. Jesse Hendrix, who filled in admirably for Sanchez on the corner last year, has been moved inside and is backing up Cox at HB. He did well on the corner, I'd have been tempted to leave him there and see if he can beat out Estelle; but maybe the coaches are more hopeful for Kizer.

  2. We are thin at MLB; listed at that spot are Emry, Hucklack, Spencer, and Robertson. I doubt Emry is ready for prime time yet, Spencer and Hucklack are role players in their careers; I don't know anything about Robertson.

  3. At SAM LB Corey Jenkins is backing up TJ Hill, and at WILL LB, with Ferri hobbled, we've got Proulx, Gallant, Taylor, and Dede. I'd be tempted to move Proulx back to safety, where we only have Masson and Wright.

  4. DEs are same as last year, Kashama/Bowman and Steweart. Don't know anything about the rookies, Hardeway and McElveen. We do desperately need better pass rushing from our ends.

  5. DT we have a lot of new talent, here's hoping one of them can replace Romero.

Biggest weak spots on D then would appear to be down the middle, at MLB and safety.

On offence we have the makings of a really good receiving corps this year, and I suspect that Ashlan Davis isn't the only one of last year's corps to get a pink slip; I think Bratton is going to go next. The only thing I worry about on offence is our O-line. The QB situation is solid, so is the running game and the receiving corps; but without a better peformance from our O line this year, that will all be for nothing.

The running game is o.k.??????

I am reasonably confident that it will be. Payton is a strong back, so is Carter, and for a change of pace we can send in Imoh and/or Cobourne.

The problems with our running game last season were (a) weak offensive line play and (b) dull, boring, unimaginative schemes. The personnel in terms of running backs was NOT the problem.

I already spoke about the line; as for (b), with Marcel Bellefeuille gone, I expect to see better schemes.

Good stuff, MadJack, solid analysis.

A few questions:

We've got Claybrooks at DT. He was a bright spot last season and can hopefully be an impact player when healthy.

Hunt is injured but should take the SAM linebacker spot unless something weird happens.

I too am a bit puzzled as to why Hendrix isn't challenging Estelle for the starting corner job.

We've an overabundance of CFL experienced outside linebackers: Hunt, Hill, Ferri, Taylor, Jenkins; the new guy Dede; a role player like Gallant and a guy being converted from safety in Proulx.

I wonder if any of them could move into the middle? In a standard 4/3 defence, we're going to be sitting some good outside LBs since only 2 can play at a time, and we're weak in the middle.

My best solution will never happen, however, it is only a dream, and it goes like this:

We have a good crop of inside receivers in Cahoon and Thurmon, backed up by Deslauriers, Stala, and SJ Green (look to see Green released). Outside, we have Armstead and Richardson, backed up by Desriveaux, Larry Taylor who is getting really good training camp reviews, plus a few up and coming Canadians like Smith, Firr, and Godding.

Notice who I omitted?

Right, Kerry Watkins.

So, how about we trade Watkins to Hamilton for Zeke Moreno?

Like I said, it's only a dream; the Hamilton fans would run Obie out of town but quick were he to make that deal.

Hamilton will not trade Watkins for Moreno. I think Robertson will start at MLB. If the Als had no plans at MLB they would have taken a longer look at Lazotte.

I think the guys on the bubble are


At Running Back we are fine with

Hamilton NI
Diedrick NI
Kerry Carter NI

I think Robertson, McElveen and Powell have a good shot at starting.

Receiver we are more then fine...

QB we are in great shape, Not sure if the Als will keep the 3 rookies or if one of Santos or Leak is going to be released. I think Santos has to show a little something during the exibition game.

The Oline I am expecting at least one import to play tackle or Centre. Perrett to get a shot. No idea what will happen with Fritz. I think that's in the hands of Martino.

It's too bad the exhibition games are untelevised.

Has anyone been going to training camp, and if so any comments on anyone who has stood out?

The current Depth Chart is not the Bible.

Karibi Dede is practicing as a MLB with 1st unit/team,followed by Corey Jenkins. Barry Robertson is the 3rd. The 46 man roster will include 2 of these 3 players. Don't be surprised if Jenkins is the starting MLB on June 26.

As for DT, Keron Williams or Aki Jones will do better than Romero who, according to me, was overrated. He's been hurt since beginning of training camp in Edmonton. As DE Jermaine McElveen should replace John Bowman. The defensive line will be a "high point" in 2008.

The veterans who should be released are: Shawn Gallant,Walter Spencer,John Bowman,Brian Bratton,Brad Banks.


Thanks for the update Richard, that's very helpful! I thought we were thin at MLB and were overloaded at OLB, so moving Dede and Jenkins inside makes sense to me.

As for the vets you predict being released, I would expect each of them will indeed be gone by the time the season starts. I think your prediction is bang on.

John Bowman and Walter Spencer will not be released LOL!

Bowman showed some promise last season. I'd be fairly surprised if he were to be released.

And Spencer is the best ST tackler on the team and a NI. This is crazy talk.

We were dreadful last year in terms of getting sacks, this from a team that used to excel in that. For that reason alone I would shed no tears if Bowman gets released (or Kashama for that matter). We need to get better pressure on opposing QBs from the DE position than we got last year. So Stewart is on thin ice too as far as I am concerned. Great player, great attitude, gave us yeoman service for many years, but there comes a time...........

Kashma, playing half time last year, led the team in QB sacks. I was impressed last season with the defensive play of Devon Claybrooks!!

I think we're all well disposed to Claybrooks.

Kashama led the team in sacks? So?

All that says is he was the best of a bad lot; we were second last in the league in sacks last year.

They have a fantastic coach this year, one of the best DE to ever play the game and its up to Kashama,Bowman,Claybrooks and Stewart to win their jobs back

MLB Robeertson was just cut. That leaves us with a long snapper, and a bunch oif guys who weigh somewhere around 12 lbs each to play the position. Probably means that Ellis will have to play there-- and he can't cover the pass for anything. Popp had all winter to come up with something and instead brought in a ton more receivers. Gotta love that guy.
I do believe I see big trouble ahead. We haven't improved anywhere, Popp is hanging around the sidelines during games waiting for the mew coach to crash and burn. Gonna be a long season.

I still do not understand why Coe or Clark weren't given a look at MLB, given our thinness at that position.

Coe and Clark played for the Al's defensive coordinator in Calgary, if they had anything left he would have asked to bring them in.

Me neither. I would have thought at least one if not both of them still had some gas in the tank. Oh well.

Jenkins is 6'1", 228; Dede is 6', 216. My guess is that Jenkins has the inside track. Don't want to see Ellis back at MLB, other than a GREAT game in the Grey Cup a couple of seasons back, he's looked like a fish out of water at MLB.