Depth chart,

I don’t see any change in the secondary after last weeks poor performance. I’m hopeing this isn’t deja vu all over again.
From my point of view, Beveridge at safety and Cody at halfback for Roberts would give us a much stronger secondary against the Stamps.

I'm wondering if Cody has not recovered fully from the knee injury he had earlier in the season, thus affecting his speed and "duts". Safety may be the best position for him right now, as you don't want to take your "best" DB off the field...

Interesting that Ralph is backing up French at the left slotback. French is far more consistent and deserves it.

Nate Curry wins Special Teams Player Of The Week when starting at returner, and two weeks later is third string.

Things that make me go, "hmmm".

if bradley gets some playing time there guanna 100 times better than last week

Ralph is injured and probably won't even dress. The depth chart includes the 4 man reserve list.

I'll be looking for Bradley to get in the game.

And I'm hoping Keith can deliver some pressure from his side.

Bradley is a quality player who could play the corner or halfback spot. I'm a little worried though re: his injuries. Hopefully he stays healthy...he definitly can help us.