DEpth chart

well first thing that i saw kirikar at safty and ryan glasaper at db and tay cody will not play agian and nauten macay lauchauer is plasying ( sorry for the spelling) lol and that about it

perhaps you can post it next time.....some people aren't comprehending what you are talking included

here's the new depth chart for the B.C. game:

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Looks like J.Bradley is back to help the DBs this week!

Odd that they don't list any depth at DT. All they have listed is Reid again behind Wayne. I assume Bekasiak is injured?

Here you go Mikey, all cleaned up with hardly any effort:

Well first thing that I saw was Karikari at safety, Ryan Glasper at DB and Tay Cody will not play again. Nautyn McKay Loescher is playing.
Yeah, Karikari at safety was the first thing I noticed too. Glasper is a natural DB and not LB. He's got a tough task.

I miss Tay big time!

Nevermind.. they fixed it now and list Bekasiak as the backup DT.

i though ryan glasper was a why is he playing DB......?

No, he is a natural DB who was moved to LB by the coaches.

Good job on the translation, CK. I didn't have a problem understanding it. Have you ever gotten that email about intelligent people being able to read an email even if the letters within the words were all messed up?? You must be a smart cookie. :wink:

I'm anxious to see how these changes affect our D. I thought Glasper was a little small for a LB. He's a beast. I hope Tay returns soon, I miss him too.

Looks like Renard Cox is back in the line-up in the spot Glasper was filling in for the last two games. Therefore, they can try out Glasper at his natural position.

Cody out?

Im starting to think this is another Jason Goss situation.... we've heard nothing about him, we're unsure what the actual injury is and dont hear about him coming back anytime soon.

I saw him on the sidelines on Saturday in his civvies. I wouldn't worry too much about it, I don't think he's bailing on the team like Goss did.

I hope you're wrong. I hope it's just a case of a nagging injury and a lack of reporting by local media.

As I said in another thread, the Cats might be trying to hide the injury and have asked KP not to say anything.

OH...THAT"S NICE! :roll:

EVEN WORSE! :thdn:

You people who don't want to accept the truth about Jason's situation shouldn't mention it! :thdn:

I hope im wrong too, but after the whole Goss ordeal, i just hope we dont lose another quality player due to the same type of fiasco.

I remember what happened. Goss wanted to go home in the middle of the season to be with his family in a time of crisis. The team allowed him to do so. I accept this, family comes before a game. In the offseason he demanded a trade, to be "closer to home." In Edmonton? Correct me if I'm wrong, but there's no way Edmonton is much closer to Texas than Hamilton is (my geography isn't great, but it's probably further).

In keeping with the topic of the thread, I'm glad to see KariKari back at safety, and McKay coming back should help out on the defensive line. And it looks as though Bauman will be in the lineup this week? Good stuff.

He bailed and im glad hes gone . We have guys now who want to be here and i`m willing to wait till their very good players and our defence is second to none !!!!

GBF, although i usually disagree with you, i agree with you on this one. But theres no point in getting into this again on this site... its like talking to a brick wall... forget logic here.

I hear that. I rarely post on here, but I do check in often. Some people just don't seem to get it sometimes.