Depth Chart - @ WPG - Nov 2nd, 2013

Depth chart for the upcoming game versus the Bombers is posted over at

[url=] ... otes-stats[/url]

Lots of changes as expected with some players getting a rest and others a chance.


ON: Bucknor, Collins, Filer, Lacy, Marshall, Ta. Moore, Simmons, Richardson, Shipman, Webb
OFF: E. Davis, Dile, Gable, Grant, Isaac, Johnson, Lawrence, McCollough, Murray, Wojt

On offense ... Simmons to start at LT & Figueroa @ RT with Wojt getting a break & O'Neill fills his RG spot.

Stala starts @ one WR & Jones @ the other. Collins @ one SB & Banks & Giguere at the others. Fantuz & Tasker listed as back-ups. No Ellingson or B. Grant.

Gable sits. Walker to start with Tavoy Moore backing up & playing teams.

On defense ... All three starting LB's not dressing. No JJ, Simoni or Isaac. Bowman, Plesius & Harris are you WILL, MIKE & SAM respectively.

McCullough, E. Davis & Murray get a break in the secondary. But no Breaux. Newcomers Lacy & Rogers get a shot to show shat they can do back there. Dee Webb makes his return.

Marshall looks to be starting at DT ahead of Bulcke.

24 Canadians listed. 19 imports. 3 QB's. Will be interesting to see what the game-day scratches are tomorrow.

My guess is Bulcke gets a late day healthy scratch as does Fantuz.

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Is going to be different, thats for sure!

I don't understand. 2 days ago Drew said Ellingson would finally be back, yet he is still listed as injured. What gives?

The tidbit reports we get from practices suggest that he may have suffered a setback during the final practice (Thursday), or whatever he originally injured proved, through a couple of days of practice, to not yet be healed enough to play. I really like what Austin's come up with for this week's line-up. It'll make this "nothing" game much more interesting to watch than I'd expected.

[url=] ... 112045.pdf[/url]

Here is the B.B.'s depth chart for today’s game…kind of like the Replacements vs the Replacements Bowl today…not much more than a glorified pre-season match-up…I still say we come out on top in this one…but who really knows???
Let’s just hope that there is no injuries in today’s game…Cats finish up last 13 games…9 wins 4 loses…10-8 on season.
Win or lose today regardless…a 3 game win streak starting next week and the Cup comes home to where it belongs!!!
GO CATS GO!!! Bring it on home in 2013…You Can DO IT :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: One “Rockin” for every play-off victory :thup: :thup: :thup: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Sticky Stala last start as a Ticat ???? 88 Polska let's go! :rockin: Would be nice to see this one more(last?)time!!! #88-Sticky- :rockin: If this is indeed Stala's last year as a Cat :cry: Let's send him out of here with a Grey Cup Ring :) :thup: :thup:

Dressing only 18 imports, with Tasker named as one of the Reserves, along with Fantuz, Bulcke and Diedrick.